Morgan Creek’s Pomp says Bitcoin to Break the $400k Ceiling in the Long-Term

Bitcoin to Break the $400k Ceiling in the Long-Term

Anthony Pompliano, CEO of Morgan Creek Digital, has predicted that the value of Bitcoin will break through the $400k ceiling in the long-term. He feels that it will be a normal fallout of the perceived value of Bitcoin by investors against assets like gold and the dollar. Bitcoin has always been notoriously volatile in the

Is the Possibility of a Ban on Bitcoin in the US Over?

Possibility of Bitcoin Ban in the US

Since the Bitcoin was created about a decade back, it has at best been through a tumultuous love-hate relationship with Governments around the world, more so in the USA. Successive Governments had not taken too kindly to Bitcoin. In 2012, the Obama-Biden administration had looked into the possibility of banning Bitcoin in the country. More

Brazil’s Largest Crypto Exchange Mercado Bitcoin to List Chiliz

Mercado Bitcoin to Add Chiliz on Its Platform

In a landmark development, Chiliz ($CHZ) will be included on Mercado Bitcoin. It is a linkup of two giants in the cryptocurrency sector. Mercado Bitcoin is Brazil’s and Latin America’s biggest digital assets and cryptocurrency trading platform. Chiliz ($CHZ) is a currency option on rewards app for Blockchain-based products and services, providing an enriched

Bitcoin Community Outraged over Deutsche Bank Association in Epstein Scandal

Deutsche Bank Ordered to Pay $150M by New York State Regulators

Deutsche Bank has been ordered to pay $150 million by the New York state financial regulators. This follows the unearthing of “significant compliance failures” by the Bank in having a customer-bank relationship with Jeffery Epstein, the alleged child sex trafficker. The regulators have indicted the Bank for providing banking services to Epstein despite knowing about

P2P Exchanges Becoming Cautious Amid Economic Crises in South America

P2P Exchanges Becoming Cautious Amid Economic Crises

South America is in the news again; this time not due to a virally spreading pandemic, the inflation rates going out of control, the continent’s crime reports, or illegal businesses such as the drug mafia. An entirely new chain of events getting triggered by its hyper-adoption of cryptocurrency is creating new ripples of worries for

Essential Things to Know About Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM

Introduction Bitcoin ATMs allow cryptocurrency wallet users to buy or sell Bitcoins, by depositing or withdrawing cash. A wallet is a key element in Bitcoin ATM transactions, by probably being the only way to identify the user. Bitcoin ATMs come in a variety of touchpad and/or touchscreen-based kiosks, sometimes as extended features of traditional cash-based

Singapore-based ACCESS to Use Blockchain for Voting in AGM

Singapore-based ACCESS to Use Blockchain for Voting in AGM

The Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Startups Singapore (ACCESS) has employed a blockchain-based solution for voting in corporate meetings. It will deploy the solution for voting during its Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is the first instance of blockchain being used for voting in corporate meetings. ACCESS is a non-profit organization working for the development

ESB’s Director Benoit Coeure: There Are No Plans to Ban Facebook’s Libra

Benoit Coeure

Financial Regulators all over the world have expressed their intentions of not putting an immediate ban on Facebook’s own cryptocurrency, “Libra” and other stablecoins. However, such tokens that are backed by official currencies need to meet certain standards and regulations before they become operative. The director of the European Central Bank, Benoit Coeure said in

Russia-based Metal Company Norilsk Nickel Launches Palladium-backed Stablecoin

Norilsk Nickel

A Russia-based metal company is launching a metal-backed token and a clearinghouse for tokenized products. The Russian metals magnate, Norilsk Nickel, or Vladimir Potanin’s Nornickel is launching a palladium-backed stablecoin based on Hyperledger Fabric. They joined Hyperledger (a blockchain consortium led by the Linux Foundation) this summer. And reportedly, the Hyperledger Fabric token was developed

Protocol Labs inks Deal with Ethereum Foundation to Design VDF

Protocol Labs inks Deal with Ethereum Foundation to Design VDF

Protocol Labs revealed its partnership with Ethereum Foundation on April 19 through a blog post. The company said that the Verifiable Delay Foundation (VDF) will be developed in collaboration with the Ethereum foundation. In short about Protocol labs: Protocol Labs designs protocol systems and tools to enhance the internet technology, Protocol Labs is research, development