Bitcoin Profit Review 2020

One of the most leading and popular automated trading platforms that promise good profits for its traders is Bitcoin Profit. One of the first digital currencies, which has changed the cryptocurrency world, is Bitcoin. When people started trading with Bitcoin, they became millionaires when the Bitcoin prices went higher in 2017. At that point onwards, many people have taken cryptocurrency trading very seriously.

Some started Cryptocurrency trading to gain passive online income, and few of them have taken it as a full-time job. To trade these cryptocurrencies, it needs analytical and technical skills that only a few possess. Also, it takes more time to learn the trading strategies and the practicalities that are involved in successful trading. Consequently, because of these factors, automated trading robots have become valuable trading assistance for those who wanted to trade with cryptocurrency currencies.

Reviews of Bitcoin Profit Leading Trading Platform
Reviews of Bitcoin Profit Leading Trading Platform

What is Bitcoin Profit?

It is leading automated and powerful trading software that enables the users to make money from trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum. Bitcoin Profit software uses the latest technology, which ensures that the users are one step ahead of the other traders who are using other automated software.

Bitcoin Profit software uses smart algorithms that are 0.01 second ahead of the market, and it can forecast price movements and make changes accurately than other software that are available in the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, the smart algorithm that is inbuilt in the software helps the trader to do an in-depth analysis of market trends.

One of the unique features of Bitcoin Profit is it carries out research and market analysis, which is faster than any other software that is available in the cryptocurrency market. The software’s algorithm is 0.01 second ahead of the market by allowing the users to speculate on the cryptos price even before it starts its move. As a consequence, this feature gives an edge even before the market makes any price move. Further, Bitcoin Profit software start making money on the profitable trades executed by the robot.

Bitcoin Profit Reviews – About the Platform
Bitcoin Profit Reviews – About the Platform

Below given are the few pros and cons of Bitcoin Profit software –



It offers a user-friendly interface

A mobile app is not available

This software offers Demo account

There are several fake websites for this platform

It offers several options for deposits and withdrawals


Bitcoin Profit offers responsive and dedicated customer service


There are no hidden fees, the software is offered free of cost


Has a higher success rate of 92%


Faster withdrawal process


Who Created Bitcoin Profit?

As per the Bitcoin Profit website, John Mayers is the creator of Bitcoin Profit, where he developed an algorithm that operates 0.01 seconds ahead of the trading signals from the market. John Mayers has created this auto trading system so that by using these trading platforms, many people start making money by trading cryptocurrency. Yet this software has become one of the best and most popular trading platforms in the auto trading domain.

Key Features of Bitcoin Profit

Below given are the key features about Bitcoin Profit that are discussed below –

  • It reports consistent profitability. Besides, the Bitcoin Profit reviews and the testimonials are given on the website shows that the traders have made a profit by using this robot.

  • The verification system offered by it is very simple and easy. While opening a Bitcoin Profit account, the trader needs to offer a few details like personal information, such as full name, email address, and phone number. When the account is created, a verification link is sent to the trader’s email address and the mobile phone. When the verification is done, the trader needs to add a minimum deposit in their trading account. For adding the funds, they need to offer their payment details, yet they need not submit any ID or utility bills.

  • It offers users various cryptocurrency pairs for trading. There are several cryptocurrency pairs the users can choose from. Some of the most common ones are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

  • Bitcoin Profit robot claims that in a day, a trader can earn up to $1300 by trading with this robot. Even though a few new users have not earned such a big amount initially, experienced users have said that they have made huge profits and a part of it they have re-invested to make more money.

  • The withdrawal process on this platform is very simple, and the trader can withdraw their funds anytime during the day. All withdrawals are processed in less than 24 hours, and in remote cases, it might take up to 3 days. When compared to other auto trading robots that are available in the market, which takes 10 days for withdrawal, this period is quite reasonable.

  • It charges 1% of the trader’s profit after executing profitable trades. This is the way the platform works and makes a profit. This is considered a small amount when we consider other auto trading robots charging fees and commissions from the trader to make profits.

  • Some of the testimonials and the user reviews shared on the website show that Bitcoin Profit is a preferred auto trading platform, and the users have made more profits. Besides, people should keep in mind that there is a lot of volatility involved in the cryptocurrency auto trading market, and they should invest at least 20 minutes daily monitoring the account. After the conditions are set, the robot trades on their behalf. This is the minimum amount of work required by every trader.

  • Use Bitcoin Profit professional and dedicated client support, where they can be contacted anytime during the day or night. Client support representatives are available 24×7, and the traders can contact them through email, live chat, or through the phone. Moreover, the customer service is very friendly and professional and responds to the trader’s queries efficiently.

  • One of the most outstanding features of Bitcoin Profit is it offers high-level security and safety. Security and protection are very important when it comes to online trading when the sector is prone to volatility. Bitcoin Profit offers a high level of encryption so that funds and the personal information of the users are safe from Bitcoin trader scam and cybercriminals who may seek unauthorized access to gain sensitive information. The software is SSL protected. When the trader makes a deposit, their information will not be stored.


Comparison Between Bitcoin Profit with Other Robots –

Bitcoin Profit

Other Robots

Bitcoin Profit has a higher success rate of 92%, which means the traders can earn a considerable amount as profits daily

Few robots are a scam, and the platform does not offer profits for the users as the trading bot is very slow.

Account opening process is easy and simple

Account opening process is long and the user needs to submit more documents as proof

Withdrawals are faster, the requests are processed in less than 24 hours

Withdrawals take longer time to process

Offers Demo account

Few trading robots offer demo trading account; while others do not offer this feature

Bitcoin Profit offers several payment options

Payment options are restricted; there are several Bitcoin trader scams that charges the trader more money

The customer support offered by Bitcoin Profit is responsive and dedicated

Customer support is inadequate


Check Advantages of Bitcoin Profit

Even though several automated trading bots are available in the market to claim they have good performance and conversion rates, Bitcoin Profit offers more features and functionalities on the trading platform, thereby using this, the trader gains more profit. Some of the advantages of Bitcoin Profit are described below –

Bitcoin Profit can be described as a user-friendly and intuitive trading robot. The platform is very easy to use; nevertheless, this is one of the most important features that make Bitcoin Profit as one of the best leading robots that are available in the market presently. The software was developed by using complex algorithms where it helps in generating more profits for its users. Besides, it is very easy to set up the software, and after the setup, the trader can use the platform immediately.

Bitcoin Profit software has a higher success rate of 92%; this is one of the major reasons where the amount of trade that is executed on the platform is higher, and the users have made profits from almost all the trades that are executed. The reason why this software has a higher success rate is because of the trades that are placed with minimum Investment, such as with the minimum deposit of $250, users can place any number of trades starting from $25.

Bitcoin trading platform is very easy to use, and even a new trader can start using this platform without any issues. The trader needs to create an account on the platform, and they need to add a min deposit. Besides, the layout on this trading platform makes it very easy for the people to navigate the site easily.

Bitcoin Profit software offers a free account Demo trading for every trader to test the software before they invest real money. This account is designed in such a way that it resembles the Active trading experience that is used to perform real trades. It shows how the robot functions and executes those trades and how they monitor market signals. The demo account is offered with virtual funds to identify the best trading strategies by the trader.

It offers 24×7 dedicated customer service. The customer service team is very professional, and they solve any issues and problems that the trader faces. With the help of customer service, the users can resolve issues quickly and proceed with the trading to avoid missing out on profit-making opportunities.

Is Bitcoin Profit scam or legit?

As per our reviews regarding Bitcoin Profit, we can say that this trading bot is a legitimate one. Moreover, it offers effective and intuitive trading system that helps people to invest Bitcoin and make profits from crypto trading. Even though the software is designed to work with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it can also work with forex.

It uses smart algorithms that help in monitoring the crypto market to identify profitable market signals for buying and selling precisely. It buys at very low prices and sells at high prices, ensuring the traders earn profits during the trading process. Bitcoin Profit has the highest success rate of 92%, making it one of the leading auto-trading robots used for cryptocurrency trading.

This platform uses a complicated algorithm which offers accurate trading signals which can be used by the trader where they can analyze and understand the market trends and events which enable them to trade on the price movement of the assets.

The trader needs to watch out for a few important signals that help to ascertain profitable trades. By using the Bitcoin Profit trading platform, the trader need not worry about researching and analyzing the market trends, as the complete process is handled and automated by the software. The trader only needs to set the conditions and enjoy their profits while trading on this platform.

As per our Bitcoin Profit reviews, we can say that this trading platform is not a scam, and it is a legitimate one, and it has a higher success rate of 92% from the cryptocurrency trades executed. Hence we can say that this platform is user friendly, which helps the traders to make profits online through cryptocurrency trading with this platform. The trader can trade anytime without the help of external supervision or a tutorial.

There are several positive feedbacks from the people who had already used the Bitcoin Profit report that it is effective software and legitimate. They generate good profits through cryptocurrency investment and trading.

Opening Bitcoin Profit Account

When compared to other trading robots, Bitcoin Profit is very simple and easy to use. Below given are the few steps to open an account with it –

Step 1. Registration

To open an account on this software, the trader needs to fill a registration form that is available on the website. To get started, the trader needs to provide basic information, including the first and last name, phone number, email address, and country of residence. For creating a password, the trader should supply a unique and strong password. When the trader has created an account, they will be directed to a broker automatically. The partner broker Bitcoin Profit associates with will execute the trades. To start trading, the trader first needs to add a minimum amount as a deposit to their Bitcoin Profit account.

Step 2. Adding Funds

After the registration process, the trader needs to add a min deposit where they will be taken to their broker’s website. To get started, the min deposit is $250, and Bitcoin Profit Bitcoin accepts several payment options that accept MerchantPay, Skrill, Giropay, Visa master credit, and debit cards, SafePay, and several others. If the trader invests more money, there will be a chance of higher payouts and more profits. We highly recommend the traders make a min deposit of $250 to start with and later familiarize themselves with the trading account, and later they can add more funds.

Step 3. Demo Account

Bitcoin Profit offers this account for the benefit of its traders. The trader can try out the account before or after the initial deposit. When the trader selects this account, they will be taken on a tour on the platform so that the trader can learn about every functionality. They will offer $1500 as virtual funds to start with auto trading. The account is very simple, and the trader needs not to change any of the settings; they need to click auto trade on, and the robot will start trading automatically.

Step 4. Live Trading

When the trader has familiarized themselves by using a demo account on Bitcoin Profit, and they can start with live trading. They need to click the auto-trade button, which is available on the dashboard screen. On the dashboard screen, the trader can check their deposits, additional funds, trade history, withdrawals, and change the settings. Bitcoin Profit allows the traders to trade with many pairs, which includes ETH/USD, BTC/USD, LTC/USD XRP/USD, and crypto too. Some of the cryptocurrencies that are available on Bitcoin Profit are Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Bitcoin Profit Review – Sign up
Bitcoin Profit Review – Sign up

Can You Make Profits with Bitcoin Profit Trading software?

As per our Bitcoin Profit reviews, this software reports that it can generate more profits. The trading robot is very simple to use, and the demo account is very extremely useful for the new traders. When the correct trading parameters are set, the traders can use this free account to familiarize themselves with the software and the trading strategies before proceeding with the trading. Even though Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are highly profitable, they also carry a very high risk of volatility.


Several Robots are offering a high return on their investment that is too good to be true, yet they are not backed up by in-depth research about the features and services that are offered by the software. Below are the few benefits that are offered by Bitcoin Profit software for the traders –

Use Bitcoin Profit; it is user friendly and responsive. The software had created complex algorithms to respond to the request of the traders. This interface makes the trading robot perfect for new users irrespective of their trading knowledge or skills about the cryptocurrency or financial markets.

It has a success rate of 92%, which places Bitcoin Profit as one of the leading trading robots in the cryptocurrency sector. The more the investment amount, the trader will gain more profits, yet there is a risk of loss.

It offers tutorials, and Demo accounts for the benefit of its traders. Compared to other robots that are available in the crypto market, they do not offer these accounts. Bitcoin Profit developers ensure that the traders learn the auto trading system and how Bitcoin Profit work before trading with active trading. It is very beneficial to the traders to test their trading strategies by using virtual cash before they start using real funds.

Bitcoin Profit offers customer support 24×7. As per our review, the team is available round the clock, and they can be easily reached through live chat, email, or phone. The customer care agents are efficient and responsive, and they solve the problems within a short time.

It uses a highly secured application, encrypted coding technology to protect the trader’s data from hackers. It assesses individual trader accounts to make sure that it does not contain phishing software, which can cause problems in the software system. Bitcoin Profit software associates itself with the brokers who are highly reputable and skilled in cryptocurrency trading.

Tips for New traders

As per our review, this trading system can be used by new and experienced traders who would like to invest in the cryptocurrencies and do not have time for trading manually. Below given are the few tips on how new traders can make use of it –

The first step would be to start with a small investment and to get familiarized with the trading software. The min deposit requirement is $250, and when the trader starts making more money, they can reinvest their capital to make higher profits.

The trader should withdraw their profits regularly when they start trading with Bitcoin Profit. The trader should not invest large amounts while trading; they should invest in small amounts so that when the market fluctuates, they do not lose their entire amount.

The trader should do some internet research and check with experts who have already done crypto trading and set their trading strategies of the traders who have tried and executed profitable trades. Also, they can watch videos on YouTube and other blogs to get more insights about crypto trading.

The trader should only invest what they can afford to lose, which means they should invest additional money that they are willing to risk. Besides, trading in cryptocurrencies involves huge risk, which comes from volatility. The trader should read the reviews about the traders who have already done trading in cryptocurrencies and follow their advice about the trading. If the cryptocurrency does not generate profit, it is completely normal because this cryptocurrency market is prone to high volatility.

How to Start Trading on Bitcoin Profit?

After opening an account, the next step would be to add a min deposit to the trader’s account. The added funds will be transferred to the broker’s account, which will be utilized for executing the trading. The minimum amount to be deposited is $250. The traders can choose from several payment options like Skrill, SafePay, MerchantPay, etc. Besides, the trader can choose a Maestro credit or debit card, MasterCard or Visa, and several others.

How to Make Money with Bitcoin Profit?

As per our review, we can say that Bitcoin Profit offers a great opportunity for the trader to earn passive online income without quitting their regular job. The traders who have used this software have made a considerable amount as profit in due course of time.

The money involved in cryptocurrency trading is worth billions of dollars, and trading on these assets during volatility will be more profitable. With the help of trading system, there will be more chances of earning more money.

The developers of Bitcoin Profit had developed the software to help the traders to get maximum profits by trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on this system. Further, the traders should set the trading parameters by carefully considering market research and click the auto trade on. From then on, the robot takes over and trades on behalf of the traders.

Has Bitcoin Profit been advertised in the Media?

As per our review, we found several claims about it endorsed by celebrities and entrepreneurs such as Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Gordon Ramsay. There are also claims about Bitcoin Profit that it has been endorsed in TV shows such as Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. After careful evaluation, we found that these allegations are false, and there is no substantial evidence to prove these claims. It has not been endorsed by celebrities or by any brand.

Conclusion Bitcoin Profit Review

As per our Bitcoin Profit review, we can say that this software offers legitimate cryptocurrency trading software for the traders. This trading system is not a scam Bitcoin and has a higher success rate of 92%. Also, there are no hidden fees charged by them; and it charges 1% of the profits derived from the trades executed on the system. The platform is very easy to navigate, where the new and experienced traders can use this robot without much effort. One of the most advantageous features of this robot is it helps the traders to earn a passive online income without quitting their regular job.


1. Is there a Bitcoin Profit app?

Currently, there is no Bitcoin Profit app available, yet the trading software can be accessed from any mobile device having a stable internet connection. The users can benefit from the same functionalities if they are connected from a PC or a laptop.

2. Do you require Bitcoin Wallet for Live Trading?

The trader does not require a Bitcoin wallet before they start trading with Bitcoin Profit. The trades are carried out with cryptocurrencies, and the traders deposit and earn real money in USD. The earnings can be converted to local money, and it can be withdrawn to the required bank accounts. By this, it makes it easier for every trader to start using this software without involving additional cost involved in paying for a Bitcoin wallet.

3. Is the Bitcoin Profit legit?

As per our Bitcoin Profit review, we can say that this software is not a scam, and it is a legitimate one that has produced results of a high success rate of 92% by trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The robot is very user friendly and helps the users to get profits online by cryptocurrency trading. By using this software, the trader can conveniently trade in their own time without a need for external supervision or tutorials.

4. How to invest in the Bitcoin Profit platform?

Bitcoin Profit is one of the leading automated trading robots that are available in the market presently. After the account opening process, the trader needs to add a minimum deposit of $250 and make use of the demo account to familiarize themselves with the robot and the functionalities. After this process, they can proceed with the live trading and click the auto-trade button on. However, the traders need to dedicate 20 minutes every day to monitor the platform to get good results.

5. Can you profit from Bitcoin?

Since its inception, Bitcoin has become one of the leading digital currencies that are favored by several millions of traders as of today. Since 2017, Investing in Bitcoin has reached tremendous growth in terms of profits and performance in cryptocurrency trading. We suggest day trading with cryptocurrencies as a favorable option to profit from Bitcoin. Besides, the cryptocurrency market functions in the same way as stock and forex markets. There are several cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, Binance, and Bitfinex, which offer similar services like crypto traders as NYSE, NASDAQ, and FTSE for traders of currencies and equities.

Bitcoin Profit













  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Withdrawals are Easy and Quick.
  • Offers Demo account.


  • A mobile app is not available
  • There are several fake websites for this platform