Mark William

Mark William is a news editor, with a background in journalism and publishing. He is passionate about Blockchain technologies’ potential for public use. He regularly curates news articles of upcoming updates in cryptocurrencies.
Helen Miller

Helen Miller has a Master Degree in English language and Literature. He is passionate about writing crypto related news articles and updates. She joins CurrentBitcoinNews team after working as a freelance news writer for five years. She is also very good at trading.
Jeremy Joy

Jeremy Joy is a freelance news writer who has over a decade of experience in few foremost publications ranging from finance to cryptocurrency market. He is a English language major. He is currently the news writer of our CurrentBitcoinNews team.
Johnathon McGarry

Johnathon McGarry has studied Computer Science and have comprehensive experience in cryptocurrency projects from writing web content to online trading applications. He is also an avid trader of forex and have strong technical skills of financial market and crypto world.