Thousands of Merchants to Accept Bitcoin Cash Around the World


The Simple Ledger Protocol is making it easier for people to create tokens over the Bitcoin cash Network. This allows traders from around the world to make crypto transactions more common than ever. As Tokyo based Alliance Cargo Direct’s token ACD starts being accepted by both online and offline Merchants of the world, along with

Analyst Says Bitcoin might have 100 more days of Accumulation

If we observe the cryptocurrency market of the past twenty days, the crypto market has been successful in maintaining its gains and even created new trading levels. Numerous coins have reached new record break levels. When it comes to Bitcoin, the coin has surpassed more than $5000 level mark. Analysts believe that this trend can

War-Affected Afghanistan Plans to Use Bitcoin; To Rebuild its Economy

Afghanistan is trying to rise back with dignity after a three-decade economic turmoil. The country is now looking towards cryptocurrency to develop its economy mainly focusing on Bitcoin. The country has been left to dust. The objective of Afghanistan is to use bitcoin as a new form of currency to reshape the country and improve

FinCEN Launches Civil Penalty on Bitcoin Exchange

The US has one department which keeps track of all the financial transactions related to the US, both national and international to keep a check on money laundering activities. This department is – “the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).” This department launched its first-ever penalty on one P2P crypto exchange on the grounds of breaching

Chinese Authorities to Ban Bitcoin Mining; 5 Important Points to Remember

News is circulating over the internet that the Chinese government might impose a ban on Bitcoin mining. Yes, you heard it right, the second largest economy of the world, China mostly to ban Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency will be banned from mining, and the five reasons that Bitcoin enthusiast should know are

Bitcoin finds adoption in the travel management company of UK

Corporate Traveller, the major travel managing company of the UK has announced on 15th April in a press release that they will be accepting Bitcoin as the payment mode. Recently the travel management company has moved into a partnership with Bitpay, a worldwide payment provider company. The new arrangement is made to encourage the customer