AnalystQ Review 2023

AnalystQ is an online trading platform that is easy, highly responsive, and created for speed, and it can be used by traders having different levels of experience, where they can develop their portfolios over commodity, cryptocurrency, and currency markets, to make their financial dreams come to reality. AnalystQ offers its services to its customers in more than 170 countries by providing the latest trading options, resources, and educational resources for its traders. Currently, it has several users who are trading on this platform since its inception from February 2020.

AnalystQ Review - Leading Trading platform
AnalystQ Reviews - Overview of Platform

About AnalystQ

  • This broker offers as high as 16,000 trade instruments for its traders, which is considered the largest number of instruments offered by any broker around the world. AnalystQ offers its trading instruments in energy commodities, which consist of renewable and non-renewable types, crypto-fiat currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, soft commodities, and precious metals. However, this broker does not offer any Forex pairs.
  • As per our review, we can say that AnalystQ is one of the most popular and well known online trading platforms that offer many types of accounts for different types of traders. Moreover, users can choose any account as per their choice, which is one of the most advantageous features. This platform also offers intuitive trading tools, customized trading, thereby attracting trader’s trust and confidence in the platform.
  • Even though this broker offers several trading instruments such as energy commodities, crypto-fiat currencies, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies, it does not offer any of its services on Forex trading, which some of the leading online trading platforms for their customers.


  • AnalystQ provides the best online trading platform that can be used in several devices such as tablets, Android, PC, iOS, smartphones, and several more. Besides, this online trading broker does not limit itself to building and managing a financial portfolio for trading, yet it offers several educational resources for online trading courses, personalized trading strategies, offers access to profitable trading webinars, live market updates, expert investment advice, and it also offers advice to the traders for profitable trading.
  • This broker allows deposits and withdrawals to be made only in Bitcoin; and these are processed in 3 to 5 business days. We can say that this time frame is regular for those who are handling normal financial transactions. Since Bitcoin transactions are immediate, the trader should check out why this broker for transactions needs such a long period.
  • As already stated, this platform takes Bitcoin as the only form of payment, where deposit and withdrawal fees for the transactions are applied, which was previously set by the platform. The trader should note this and study all the related terms and conditions of this broker before proceeding.
  • AnalystQ can be described as a well known and most popular online trading broker, which helps the trader to build and manage their portfolios when they make money through trading. This broker offers a wide range of assets. Some of the asset classes include soft commodities, precious metals, currency, and cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of using Bitcoin

Let us discuss some of the benefits of using Bitcoin-

Bitcoin is considered one of the most popular digital currencies in the market for more than a decade. In most recent years, Bitcoin is used as a form of payment. It can be done internationally; the users need not worry about currency conversions or longer periods for transactions.

  • Decentralized

If a user purchases by using Bitcoin, there is no necessity of their identity to be known, as it is done through a decentralized platform. It is just like a cash purchase, and nobody will be able to trace the purchase made by the user. Moreover, the Bitcoin address generated for the transaction is anonymous, and it changes for every transaction made by the same person.

  • Lower risk

The payments by using Bitcoin will be completed by the buyers as there is no need to reveal their personal or financial information details to the counterparty. It is considered as one of the biggest advantages for the users who feel the personal data can be threatened when they are doing online transactions. This is where the user enjoys anonymity when compared to those who use credit or debit cards to make their transactions.

  • Low transaction fees

When compared to other transactions like credit or debit cards, we can say that Bitcoin’s transaction fees are very low. Further, it is low for peer to peer foreign transactions, standard foreign wire transfers. The user needs to pay fees and the exchange cost as there are intermediaries like banks involved. While doing Bitcoin transactions, there are no intermediaries, and there are no transaction fees. The transfer goes ahead quickly, and there is no need for authorization requirements and waiting periods.

  • Irreversible Transactions

As we all know, senders can reverse the payment when it is made via credit card or through banks, which is one of the most disadvantageous features. This is not an issue when the payments are carried out in bitcoins, which are 100% irreversible and cannot be taken back.

  • No taxes on purchases

When a bitcoin transaction takes place, it is very difficult to identify or track transactions that have taken place, which makes it anonymous. Therefore people who are using bitcoins as a form of payment for the products and services rendered need not worry about tax payments.

  • Ease of transaction

Bitcoin transactions can be carried out with ease, and anybody from any country without any age restriction can proceed with a Bitcoin transaction. The user need not provide proof of address, ID card, or passport details while presenting and receiving bitcoins. They need to download a Bitcoin wallet, and they should generate a bitcoin address for proceeding with Bitcoin transactions online.

Why should you Trade with AnalystQ?

Some of the reasons why you should trade with AnalystQ are discussed below-

  • AnalystQ offers access to more than 16,000 trading instruments from cryptocurrencies, commodities, futures, and several more. It is one of the most advantageous features which is offered by any market provider on the globe. AnalystQ’s vision is to provide the best trading platform for its users around the world so that they can execute profitable trades and have a good trading portfolio.
  • Compared to other online trading platforms, AnalystQ offers a wide choice of educational resources, webinars, person-to-person training opportunities, where the trader can learn from scratch and start trading like a pro.
  • This broker offers dedicated and professional customer support 24×7, where their service can be accessed in 170 countries whenever the trader needs help. If the trader has any issues or problems, they can immediately reach out to the customer service, and it can be sorted out immediately.
  • AnalystQ trading platform offers three types of accounts, which are very helpful for the traders. They can select any one of the accounts as per their convenience to trade on the platform. Even though it offers the highest trading instruments that are offered by other brokers, it also provides online trading tools for each of the accounts where the users can use it for trading.
AnalystQ Reviews - Reasons to trade with it
AnalystQ Reviews - Reasons to trade with it!

How to start trading with AnalystQ?

Some of the simple steps that are needed to be followed when you want to start trading with this broker are –

  • The first step to start trading on the platform is to go to their website and register by offering personal details like full name, email address, and contact number. A verification link is sent to the user email where the user needs to verify the email, and once it is done they can proceed with the next step.
  • The next step would be to add a minimum deposit on their account to proceed. Further, the traders can fund their trading account only with Bitcoin. This platform does not accept any other form of payment like credit or debit cards etc. AnalystQ platform offers an e-wallet where the traders can add or store their funds in the wallet.
  • The next step would be to start trading by using the online platform of AnalystQ. Before proceeding with trading, the trader should acquaint themselves with the various educational resources that are offered by the platform, research and analyze them and then proceed with the live trading.


Some of the advantages offered by AnalystQ are given below-

  • AnalystQ trading platform offers the users access to a wide choice of trading instruments with more than 16,000 assets, starting from cryptocurrencies, commodities, futures, currency options, and several more. This broker is considered one of the brokers which offers the largest trading instruments around the globe.
  • One of this broker’s advantageous features is it offers a wide range of educational resources, webinars, personal training, and alerts to train the users to execute profitable trades to make more money.
  • One of the worth mentioning features of AnalystQ is it offers dedicated and professional customer support 24×7, which is highly functional in 170 countries where they help the customers if they have any trading issues or problems which are sorted out immediately.
  • AnalystQ offers its traders Metatrader 5 trading platform. This platform is the most powerful and advanced trading software, which is currently available in the market. Furthermore, it also provides advanced charting techniques, a backtesting environment, technical indicators, and various types of expert advisors.

Trading Instruments offered by the platform

AnalystQ is one of the best trading online platforms that offer various types of trading instruments like bonds, currency, options, industries, soft commodities, energy commodities, and precious metals. Moreover, AnalystQ offers trading in leveraged cryptocurrencies and traditional assets.

  • Energy Commodities

AnalystQ trading platform offers its traders tools used for risk management and personal training for its customers. The energy commodities offered by the platform include renewable energy and non-renewable energy. Some of the renewable energy sources include biomass, wind, solar, and geothermal varieties. Some of the non-renewable types include energy, oil, and gas. Changing weather conditions of earth and fluctuations in the market provide opportunities for trading.

AnalystQ Review - Types of Instruments
AnalystQ Review - Types of Instruments
  • Currency Options

AnalystQ offers many currency pairs and also real-time analysis. The trader can trade anytime during the day by using devices such as tablets, laptops, Apple smartphones, etc. Moreover, this platform provides various services for experienced currency options traders like multiple pips and cutting-edge pricing over various currencies to benefit its traders. It also offers 24 hours of trading on its platform and dedicated and reliable customer service to help the users. AnalystQ platform can be accessed through any device such as PC, Android, tablet, Apple products, and several more.

Some of the trading pairs available on AnalystQ –



  • Cryptocurrencies

AnalystQ trading platform offers its traders a special privilege where they can trade with cryptocurrencies even though they do not own them. This is considered as one of the most advantageous features, especially for new traders who do not risk trading because of the volatility prevailing in the cryptocurrency market. This broker offers several tools and services when the trader trades in cryptocurrency by offering high leverage and several trading insights for its users. This is particularly helpful for the new users who are trading cryptocurrency for the first time. It also offers the traders regular insight about future crypto market trends, which helps the trader execute profitable trades, and it also helps the investors make more profit.

  • Precious metals

AnalystQ trading platform offers trading with precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. It provides risk management solutions for safeguarding their users who are trading in these categories. One can say that the wisest option to trade is to trade with precious metals. These precious metals are the risk-free choice as they go up in value every time, which makes them safe insurance during economic weakening or when there are fluctuations and crises.

  • Soft commodities

The users can trade on soft commodities on this platform. It offers coca, coffee, sugar, cotton, and soya beans, which are always in demand. Even though soft commodities are at high risk, it offers good profits and should be traded with care. We can also say that soft commodities never go out of demand, yet it provides huge profits when it is traded cautiously.

Types of Accounts

This broker offers three types of account for different types of traders, they are –

  • Primary account
  • Professional account
  • AutomatiQ account


  • Primary Account

AnalystQ by offering more than 16,000 trading instruments, 6 different asset classes, advanced trading tools, trading systems, quality execution, specific tools for different levels of trader. By using this, the traders can efficiently and comfortably trade as per their convenience.

The primary account is further divided into three accounts –

  • Standard account which needs 500 USDT as a minimum deposit or BTC equivalent
  • Education account which needs 5000 USDT as a minimum deposit or BTC equivalent
  • Specialty account which needs 25000 USDT as a minimum deposit or BTC equivalent.
AnalystQ Review - Primary account
AnalystQ Review - Primary account
  • Professional Account

This platform’s professional account offers great user interface, personalized coaching, intuitive tools, and provides educational resources that help the traders execute profitable trades on the trading platform.

Some of the advantages of using a professional account are given below –

  • AnalystQ offers tighter spreads to trade and offers leverage of up to 300:1
  • It also offers personalized sessions such as regular and last-minute expert insights which helps the trader to trade intelligently
  • This broker provides trading signals through SMS and WhatsApp that are directly sent to the customer’s phone
  • It also offers exclusive invitations to their VIP events for this account holder
  • AutomatiQ Account

AutomatiQ accounts have been created exclusively for more experienced traders who are aware of their trade strategies before trading. The maximum leverage offered by  AnalystQ is 1:300, and it also offers various currency pairs to choose from.

Let us see a few advantages of using AutomatiQ account-

  • The trader’s funds always stay in the brokerage account every time
  • The user can start or stop anytime and they are in control of the system whenever they want
  • The traders can work with the AnalystQ team of experts where they help the trader to choose the right trade strategies before placing the trades.

Trading Platforms

Let us discuss some of the trading platforms provided by AnalystQ –

  • MetaTrader 5

One of the most advantageous features of the AnalystQ platform is Metatrader 5, an advanced tool. It offers an in-depth analysis that gives the trader several benefits over various types of markets such as cryptocurrency, exchanges, Futures & Options, and several more. It is available on any of the devices or browsers, and it can be instantly accessed. Also, it offers several paid and free opportunities for traders.

  • Web trader

By using the web trader platform of AnalystQ, the trader can easily trade on the platform. For the traders, it provides simple and straight forward trading solutions by offering several insights. Webtrader makes online trading easy, and within a short period, the new trader can learn about several features about the platform.

  • iPhone trading app

This broker offers an iPhone trading app, where the traders can trade on the app anytime. This is very helpful for the traders so that they can never miss on a trading opportunity to arrive at profitable trades. This app provides an intuitive layout and responsive design for its trader’s iPhone trading app helps traders trade anywhere and anytime conveniently.

AnalystQ Reviews - iPhone Trading App
AnalystQ Reviews - iPhone Trading App
  • Android Trading app

The Android trading app of the AnalystQ trading platform was created by keeping in mind the requisites of both beginners and experienced traders. It provides traders with real-time data, and it helps in tracking several trades by offering notifications and updating the traders on the latest market trends. The Android app was designed specifically to help the traders to trade, easily monitor real-time data, get an instant push notification, track their trades, and get data about market fluctuations. If the trader has any problems, they can reach out to the customer care anytime through the app 24×7.

  • Tablet trading app

The tablet app of AnalystQ offers its help to the traders so that they can trade with the swipe of their finger. It also offers the current market information and the current prices, so that the trader is well informed about the market trends and the current updates of market volatility where the trader can capitalize on them through their informed decisions.


AnalystQ offers trading services for their traders, whether they are a beginner or an experienced trader. Some of the services offered by AnalystQ trading platform are discussed below-

  • Personal Relationship Managers

A new trader can be a bit overwhelmed when trading for the first time and might find trading to be a complicated and confusing process. Moreover, they might also find the technical jargon about trading a little difficult. Based on this, AnalystQ offers one-to-one help offered by their relationship managers, which helps the traders take advantage of the market’s volatility and make most of the changes by trading in the market fluctuations. There is no hidden cost charged by the platform. The relationship managers can be reached through phone, chat, email, or direct meetings if required by the trader.

  • Personal Trading Courses

This platform offers free training courses where the traders can gain knowledge from the knowledge offered by the experts, even though they have not undergone years of study or any mentorship program.

  • Dedicated Sales Trader

Trading can be time-consuming and confusing and requires lots of patience. This broker offers sales traders who are there to help the traders by offering advice on trading strategies, crypto funding, sales, to explain about the market volatility, where they have vast experience. By offering advice, they help to achieve positive results to execute the trades.

  • In-House Analyst

AnalystQ offers in-house analysts that help the traders maximize their chances of profitable trades without much stress or self-doubt. The traders can get insights, forecast market fluctuations. They can avoid several trading traps with the help of the in-house analysts who are highly experienced and help the traders improve their portfolios.

Crypto Funding Basics

AnalystQ trading platform offers leveraged cryptocurrency funding. It is one of the major features where the traders can get leverage on behalf of their cash, which helps them to reap significant rewards. Otherwise, means could not be reachable. Leveraged crypto options provide stability upon market volatility and offer opportunities to shorten their positions in the cryptocurrency markets and also helps them to purchase currency at a lower price when it is sold at the existing price.

Margin and Leveraged Loans

  • Margin Loans

Analyst Q offers margin loans secured upon the traders’ values, which makes it a much-favored choice for several traders and offers an expanded buying power. The trader, by using marginal loans, can have liquidity of their funds for a fixed period. They can also enjoy lower interest rates, where no waiting time is involved in the acquisition of the funds, which means when the loan is approved, it is transferred to the users account in no time. It does not involve any closing cost, no annual fees, setup fees, and there are no use fees when the user takes out a margin loan of AnalystQ.

  • Leveraged Loans

Leveraged loans can be described as one of the best choices for traders needing capital to purchase stock, manage their debts, or to offer stability to their balance sheet. These types of loans are very helpful to those traders who want credit, or they have been denied loans for other reasons. Even though Leveraged loans are linked with higher interest rates, which mean high risk involved, besides, leveraged loans associate with price flex, which implies that the terms can be changed by the bank anytime.

Customer Support

AnalystQ functions in 170 countries, where it provides professional customer support. If the trader needs to sort out any problems regarding trading, the customer support team is available 24×7, and the customers can reach the support team through some of the methods discussed below-

  • Live Support
  • Telegram Support
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • WhatsApp Support
AnalystQ Review - Customer Support
AnalystQ Review - Customer Support

Education Offerings

  • Q Academy

AnalystQ offers “Q academy” which helps the trader study various educational resources provided by the platform. To access Q academy, the trader needs to log in to learn several interesting trading topics to gain more knowledge.

  • Educational courses

AnalystQ provides a variety of educational courses regardless of the traders’ level of experience, like starting from traders having varied levels of trading experience. If they are looking for any information about trading, AnalystQ offers the needed information.

  • Online Trading Courses

If you do not have the time to study a trading course and a new user, this platform offers much-needed information through online trading courses. By using this, the user can study the concepts at a convenient time to improve their knowledge. It also offers various trading strategies to trade in major markets such as cryptocurrencies, futures & options, commodities, and stocks.

AnalystQ - Online trading courses offered by the Platform
AnalystQ - Online trading courses offered by the Platform
  • Personal Trading Courses

AnalystQ offers personal training courses that imply one to one mentoring. It also offers certified coaches for trading, where they offer market information to improve their client’s trading portfolio so that they can make decisions about profitable trades. The trader can make use of these personalized courses and can increase the chance of their profitable trades. Also, it provides an economic calendar, which is very useful for traders.

Investor Relations

  • AnalystQ investor relations can be described as a communication channel between the customers and the AnalystQ. This platform offers its support to its investors, traders, or just a few visitors who are planning to open an account.
  • This broker periodically informs all risks and possible trading opportunities, irrespective of the trader’s status or interest. Since markets are prone to fluctuation every day, this type of information helps the traders to make informed decisions about their trades confidently.
  • Investor Relations of AnalystQ works internally as well. AnalystQ works very hard and keeps up to date with all the website changes because updating means making something better and more accessible for its customers.
AnalystQ - Investor Relations
AnalystQ - Investor Relations

Wrap up

To conclude, some of the brokers provide several resources for their customers which helps them to make smart decisions and also to improve their skills in trading. They also offer webinars, tutorials, and fundamentals of trading markets, major currency pairs which immensely help the traders when they are trading; one such broker AnalystQ. If you are looking for a genuine trading platform, you need to look at their features and their offerings because one bad decision will lead to losing money in the trading field. If you are going for a genuine broker, do your analysis and research about them before opening an account.


1) Does AnalystQ charge Inactivity fees?

Ans. Yes, this broker charges a small amount as an inactivity fee, if the Bitcoin deposited in the trader’s account is inactive or when it is not traded for a certain period, which is less than two months.

2) Does AnalystQ offer a mobile app?

Ans. AnalystQ trading platform does not provide a mobile app; rather it provides a web-based trading platform for its customers. The platform is very easy to navigate and simple to use by both experienced and new traders.

3) Can AnalystQ be considered a scam or Legit platform?

Ans. AnalystQ is from Dominica, and it is an online trading broker established in the year 2020, February. It provides trading in CFD and on various assets such as cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, market indices, and several more. It provides leverage rates that are higher and the deposit amount is different for various types of accounts that are offered by the platform.