Torus Labs to Integrate with Cere Network

Torus Labs to Integrate with Cere Network

Cere Network has announced that it will be integrating with Torus labs to provide its users with a hassle-free and user-friendly experience on their web applications and programs. One such program is Cere’s Data Science Marketplace (DSM), which is created to eliminate the sophisticated process of carrying out data analysis and employing data experts.

In the DSM program, one can skip the prolonged steps involved in choosing a data expert and shorten the process of data extraction, as it gives companies an option to interact with multiple data experts and work with their data. This benefits the data experts as well as the companies because the data, which is made accessible by the company, is put through filters, fortified with the necessary information that can be easily interpreted.

DSM runs with the support of the Cere ecosystem, which works with the allocated data clouds. This gives users an option to transfer their data to the data cloud, which is broken down at DSM. This accelerates the procedure of data analysis, which helps in dealing with trade-ins via smart contracts through direct interaction with the data experts and eliminates the risk of poorly interposed data from walled data silos.

With the partnership with Torus Labs, Cere’s users can access the One-click login for Web 3.0 through which the customers can organize their wallets, powered by social media sites. To make the most of the partnership, Cere has also announced its plan to design OAuth sign-in to the DSM, through which customers can sign-in to DSM apps via Social media accounts. This partnership makes Cere’s DSM easy to use.

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