Immediate Edge Review – A Sneak Peek

Everyone wants to make money and lots of it, while they are at it. Philosophers might say that money is not the be-all and end-all of life, but without a stable bank balance and financial success, leading a fulfilled life will not be a piece of cake. It is also one of the reasons why there is a constant motivation by financial experts and technocrats to explore new technologies and means to achieve this goal.

Immediate Edge Reviews - Advanced Crypto Software


Immediate Edge Review – Overview of Platform

This post will take you through the intricacies of Immediate Edge, an auto cryptocurrency trading platform that is user-friendly with a very high success rate. Undoubtedly, investors’ testimonials speak for themselves, and some earn as much as $2,000 daily on the platform.     

Let us explore the Immediate Edge app right away.

Who Started Immediate Edge?

Edwin James is the person who started it all, and he has reportedly made billions of dollars with unique Forex trading and crypto-binary mechanisms. The Immediate Edge app is meant to give you an “edge” in identifying profitable trends. The app uses advanced technological strategies and algorithms to spot gainful positions that will allow you to buy from one exchange at low levels and sell crypto on high-level exchanges. The net difference is the margins that will generate income for you.  

What is Immediate Edge Bot?

Immediate Edge is a cryptocurrency trading bot that helps investors to make a good profit from cryptocurrency. The unbelievably high profits promised to investors on Immediate Edge have skeptics wary of the app. Immediate Edge is a registered auto trading platform and has the required approval for trading. This software is highly secured and legit with a high success rate of 98%. The platform works independently and is an alternative crypto trading system that has been successful so far.

Immediate Edge Reviews - Crypto Trading System


Immediate Edge Reviews – Crypto Trading System

Investors and crypto traders can either choose to trade manually or use an auto trading robot like Immediate Edge to make decision-making easy and smooth with assured high returns. To successfully handle manual trades, it is essential to have honed trading skills and an awareness of the markets. With auto trading systems such as Immediate, anybody can play the crypto market as robots trade on your behalf in a fully-automated system. Therefore, the crypto trading market is not confined to the experts only but is open to anybody wanting to rake in profits.

There are thousands of individuals earning millions on Immediate Edge simply because this auto trading platform has a success rate of over 98% and an investor needs only a minimum deposit of $250 to start.  

Once you start on the Immediate Edge platform, you will surely be impressed. Crypto deals are secured and done within the markets at super speeds, and transactions take a few seconds.

Immediate Edge Bot is fast, user-friendly, based on secure Blockchain technology, and has a high success rate. There is not much more than you can ask from an automated crypto trading platform.

Once you click on a button and activate the trading robot, your work is over. The robots scan the market to find the best going rate of crypto, which can either be the purchase or the sale price. When a profitable trend is detected, robots buy the crypto at a low price and sell them for increased rates.

Creating an Account in Immediate Edge

This review of Immediate Edge will now detail how to start trading and the preliminaries that have to be completed.

Your first step to trading on the Immediate Edge platform is to create an account. The process is short and crisp and can be done in about five minutes. This is very important for new investors who are just foraying into cryptocurrency trading for the first time.  

Immediate Edge Review - Open an Account


Immediate Edge Review – Open an Account

Step1 Registration of Account:- Opening an Immediate Edge account is quick because the information required is very few – email address, username, and phone number. The form has to be submitted, and the approval comes through in minutes, and you are ready to use the Immediate platform. But before you can start cryptocurrency trading, you must have money in your account. Even though a deposit of $250 will do, it is advisable to make a larger deposit so that you do not miss out on a lucrative deal for want of funds in the future.

Step 2 Making a Deposit:- You can start with the minimum deposit, which will be transferred to your Immediate Edge account quickly, within seconds. You can use a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Skrill, or any other online payment gateway. Once the deposit is made, you are now ready to use Immediate Edge and start live trading.

Step 3 Live Trading:- Before you start live trading, use the demo trading in-built feature to get a feel of the working of live trading without spending money. Practically speaking, there is no need for this step because the platform is automated, and once you click the button, the robots take over, and you start trading automatically.

Even though the system is automated, you should see how it works for over 24 hours or more. Study the process closely and ascertain whether trading is continually generating revenue. It will be an indication of greater things to come on the Immediate Edge app.

Step 4 Deposits and Withdrawals:- One of the first signs of scam software is that it takes a long time for deposits and withdrawals, i.e., while deposits are accepted with alacrity, withdrawals stretch out into days. Immediate Edge has taken the process to an altogether fast and automated plane where investors have an unusually smooth ride. Deposits are taken and reflected in the account instantly. Hence you do not miss out on sweet deals for a shortage of funds. You have to ensure, though, that the account is funded adequately at all times.

Withdrawals are fast too and take not more than 24 hours. There are instances where cryptocurrency trading platforms take 10 days for withdrawal processing. Immediate Edge is ahead of others in all these aspects.

Service charges

An advantage of this mobile app is that investors are not charged for registration. There are no hidden charges, like transaction fees. On most other crypto trading systems, commissions are charged, sometimes at very high rates. This considerably increases the cost of transactions. With Immediate Edge, there are no such issues.     

Immediate Edge Working

Immediate Edge works in tandem with other exchanges. Investors and traders on the Immediate Edge app do not have to trade in an isolated environment. For better understanding, it is necessary to know how the exchanges operate. The price of coins fluctuates based on supply and demand, which varies wildly from exchange to exchange. Cryptocurrency is known for its volatility, and prices swing from very low to high in a matter of days.

Due to the supply and demand matrix prevailing in exchanges, the prices of a coin might differ HUGELY in various exchanges. Immediate Edge blends in seamlessly with Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, and many others to get a head start in cryptocurrency trading with Immediate Edge.         

Get the Cutting Edge with Immediate Edge

Anybody desiring to try their hand in cryptocurrency trading gets a jump start on the Immediate Edge. The main reason is that you do not have to sharpen your trading skills through dummy accounts or lengthy tutorials. The Immediate Edge’s expert trading robot takes you through the whole trading process effortlessly, paying unexpected returns for a beginner. You are almost assured that you will not only get the money back but will also make a profit to boot. A fresh trader will be hesitant to make decisions but not with Immediate Edge.

By starting with automated trading software, you get to follow trading patterns closely and pick up the ropes. You will learn more about trading while ensuring that your bank balance is not severely dented due to ignorance – all with the help of software that provides an optimized learning experience.  

Benefits from Immediate Edge

Several benefits will accrue if you choose to be on the Edge app.  

Leading Crypto Trading Software

Immediate Edge is widely acknowledged to be one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platforms. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cutting edge algorithms to identify specific profitable and high-return trades to maximize profits for you. From testimonials, it is seen that even beginners can earn a whopping $1,000 daily when there is the scope of booking profits. Critically, the earnings are immediate, and so are the withdrawals.  

Instant earnings

This platform, created by Edwin James, is designed to spark an interest in trading among beginners from Day 1. The automated trading robot brings you profit margins and returns from the time you press the activate button. It is also not a one-time affair, and the robot ensures a constant flow of funds back to you. This is especially useful for those testing the unchartered waters on the mobile app to start trading with limited funds before wading in deep.   

Path-breaking Technology

No Immediate Edge Review will be complete without the details of the path-breaking technology of the Edge app. These are Artificial Intelligence and precise Algorithms. Added to these is the Blockchain technology of this crypto trading system that makes sure that the success rate is in the region of an amazing 98.9 percent. Hence, even beginners can make thousands of dollars of profits every month consistently.   


Any crypto software has to be user-friendly not only because it involves trading and use of funds but also because there are first-time users who will not be aware of the many intricacies. Immediate is a user-friendly app with an interface that is not intimidating and challenging. The Immediate Edge app can be installed on any laptop, desktop, Android, or IOS handset so that traders can be constantly linked to the trading platform even on the go. Signing up on any of these devices is as easy and fast as it can get only with an email address, phone number, and username as requirements.

Controllable Risk

The app’s automated trading robot scans every major crypto exchange to identify the transactions and trades that will profit you. The powerful robot does all this in seconds with a high degree of accuracy and choosing the best possible trades. Thus, the process leads to one conclusion: when you trade on Immediate, you are virtually insulated against risk, and there is only a minute percent of the overall risk tolerances of other cryptocurrency trading systems. It is impossible to lose money on Immediate Edge.

Immediate Edge Reviews - Benefits


Immediate Edge Reviews – Benefits

Despite the many benefits of the Immediate Edge app, there are certain precautions that you should take while using Immediate Edge; you are guided by an automated trading robot that does all the work for you.

The first and the most critical risk is that even when you can comfortably sit back and check the robot placing buy and sell trades on your behalf, you should have a thorough understanding of the process. It has to be developed through research, online learning or joining a course specializing in crypto trading. There are also programs where you can follow experienced traders placing their trades by replicating their actions and earn from it. You will be provided access to their trading rooms.  The reason why you should be a master in crypto trading is that the benefits of the present software can never be a guarantee of its performance in the future.  

The second is that though the mobile app can make things easy for you through automation, there is a 98.9% chance of success. As a beginner, you should be very careful about that remaining 1.1% and play safe initially. Online trading in whatever form carries a high-risk level, especially in the volatile field of cryptocurrency. Hence, plan out your approach, take your time to be very conversant in this field, and start trading in small amounts. You can up your investment and trading once you acquire the required confidence.  

The Flip Side of Immediate Edge Review

The review of Immediate Edge till now has been hunky-dory and has been seen as a machine churning out money and profits. And wherever there is a possibility of funds accrual on auto-pilot, there is bound to be skeptics questioning the basic premise of the system. Immediate Edge is no exception, and people doubt the system, with many terming it as a scam. After reviewing the discussed details, it is up to the readers to take sides on the issue.

Conflict of Interest

In a review, it is said that the Immediate Edge app is a scam because of the conflict of issues. How does this work out?

First, Edwin James, the designer of the platform, is termed a fictitious character. The Immediate Edge app is advertised as an automated cryptocurrency investment system that generates money through bots doing the heavy work of buying and selling for you. In reality, it is an automated cryptocurrency trading system. As per the Immediate Edge review done by the group, a dedicated Forex or CFD broker is assigned soon after you complete your registration.

Now, this broker is part of a revenue-share scheme, which is a scam. The profits are split on customer referrals based on predetermined profits sharing contracts. The profits made by Independent Edge are thus your loss and therein lie the conflict of interest.  

Disagreement in Statements   

If you go to the Immediate Edge website, there is a disagreement in the features as posted on the site. The first is under the head “Trusted Performance,” which says the app is zero-risk. The next one is “Secure and Private,” which speaks of Immediate Edge offering a 98.9% success rate. The doubters naturally point that there is a disagreement between the two. The website is discounting the 1.1%, which in real trading times can be massive. The edge review put out by them calls Immediate Edge a scam.  

Working with Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges

This aspect conflicts with the Immediate Edge website and the purported statement mentioned in the Immediate Edge review. The website clearly says that Immediate Edge App works with all cryptocurrencies, namely Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, and many others.  But the people did their edge review and found that this is not true.

They claim that all these cryptocurrencies are integrated on the Immediate Edge platform is merely untenable and a scam. In most cases, it was found that those in scams used the front of legitimate exchanges to further their interests for promotional reasons. The email address and other information mentioned on the Immediate Edge website are still being ascertained.


Immediate Edge is a cryptocurrency trading bot that helps investors to make a good profit from cryptocurrency. The unbelievably high profits promised to investors on Immediate Edge have skeptics wary of the app. Immediate Edge is a registered auto trading platform and has the required approval for trading. This software is highly secured and legit with a high success rate of 98%. The platform works independently and is an alternative crypto trading system that has been successful so far.

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