Bitcoin Trader Review 2020

Bitcoin trading is not a new concept, but the methods of trading Bitcoin have undergone a lot of changes with the launch of myriads of online trading tools every day, and the Bitcoin Trader is one such tool. Bitcoin trading is more a concept only for the wise and experienced traders, but it has become universal for all those online Bitcoin traders who are keen to earn some passive incomes from cryptocurrency trading. Here we present the Bitcoin Trader review to let the traders know the trading tool in detail, and to aid them in understanding how these trading robots work and how they are different from others of its kind.

What is the Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading software launched in 2017 by a crypto expert named Gary Roberts. The onus of designing such software was to make Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency trading a lot easier and convenient for the traders. This automated trading tool claims to execute trade 0.01 seconds faster ahead of the others of its kind. Therefore, it can generate the trade signals at 0.01 ahead of the actual movement of the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices.

Bitcoin Trader Reviews - Overview
Bitcoin Trader Reviews - Overview

Bitcoin Trader Features

While making this Bitcoin Trader reviews, we came across some of the key features of this auto trading robot, which are discussed in detail hereunder.

1. High Win rate

People using Bitcoin Trader have reported having earned a profit of $1300 daily, which is pretty good given the amount of time and effort that using this trading platform saves. This high win rate of 88% has brought in massive popularity for this trading platform. But it would be wrong for the first-time traders to expect to win such high profits in the very first go. For that, they need to practice and gain experience of how Bitcoin trading is done using this trading robot

2. Demo trading

At the last point, we were talking about practicing and gaining experience about how online Bitcoin trading is done using these trading robots. Here it is; the demo trading feature is exactly what the beginners need to learn crypto trading via these trading robots. The demo trading feature allows the traders to place trade exactly in the way as they would do in live trading but without keeping their money at stake. The demo account is virtually funded and only exposes the traders to real trading with all the necessary tools but without needing them to risk their real money. In fact, demo trading is for learners who can test their trading strategies before stepping into live Bitcoin trading.

3. Regulated Broker

As the users register themselves on the Bitcoin Trader trading platform, they are assigned a broker who would generate trade signals and would place a trade on behalf of the registered users. These brokers are regulated, and therefore the traders are at no risk of losing their money. All their personal data and money are safe with the Bitcoin Trader. The brokers also do not share the traders; details with any third parties to gain some extra money.

4. Easy Verification System

It has this amazing feature that attracts more people to its trading platform. Unlike other trading robots, the Bitcoin Trader software only needs some basic personal information for the verification system. As such, it only needs the full name, email address, phone number, and nothing else during the registration process. After depositing to the Bitcoin Trader account, he only needs to share his bank account or card details like the card number, expiry date, CVV, and nothing else. No ID scans or bank account details are required for the verification process.

5. Easy Deposits and Withdrawals

While making this review on the Bitcoin Trader trading system, we found that both the deposit and the withdrawal processes are as easy as the registration process. Money can be deposited using any of the preferred modes of payments allowed on the trading platform. For example, the Bitcoin Trader allows for card payments, bank transfers, wire transfers, Neteller, Skrill, MasterCard, Visa, to name a few. Similarly, the withdrawal process also is very easy. People registered on this trading platform can withdraw their money any time they wish by just filling in a “withdrawal request’ form. As the request gets approved, the users get their money instantly into their accounts.

6. Low Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit to get started on the Bitcoin Trader trading system is just $250, which is much lower than many of the trading robots of its kind. This minimum deposit mobilized a greater number of people to give it a try on this trading platform.

7. Multiple accounts

The Bitcoin Trader platform allows its users to open multiple accounts, which is an added advantage that the traders get to experience this trading system. This helps the traders to spread the inherent risks that exist in crypto trading across several accounts so that no single Bitcoin Trader account is affected. The traders can also try out various strategies from the various accounts, which help them immensely.

8. Amazing Customer Support

The success of these online Bitcoin trading tools largely depends on its customer support team that comprises expert professionals who can provide instant solutions to any Bitcoin trading related issues. The customer support team behind the Bitcoin Trader trading system is very efficient and is available 24 x 7. The customer support executive can be contacted any time during the day via live chats, emails, and phone calls. Customer support representatives are also very active on social media platforms and respond to queries raised by registered people regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading. However, any issues related to the cryptocurrency market are directed to the online brokers who give perfect solutions to the queries raised by the users.

Bitcoin Trader Reviews - Features
Bitcoin Trader Reviews - Features

Benefits of Bitcoin Trader Automated Trading Software

While making this Bitcoin Trader review, we found that this automated trading software provides some amazing benefits for its registered users. Some of the benefits are listed below.

1. User friendly

Traders who use Bitcoin Trader trading tool, it have reportedly praised this auto trading app for being the most user-friendly trading tool. This auto trading app is designed in such a way that it does not require one to be an expert in Bitcoin trading or in handling such a software. It can be used by the newbie traders as well as the seasoned ones. No previous experience is needed, which is the best part of this auto trading Bitcoin tool. Starting from the registration process to placing a trade to earning a huge profit, everything is so simple and user friendly.

2. Traders can set their preferred trade criteria

With this auto trading platform, there are no hard and fast rules that the traders need to abide by the default rules set in the Bitcoin auto-trading tool. In fact, the traders are free to set their own preferred trade criteria as to trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Each trader has different preferences when it comes to Bitcoin trading, like the minimum deposit that they want to make, the minimum profit that they expect to earn from the auto trading tool, etc. One can change the trade setting as and whenever he wants if he feels that the set preferences are not fulfilling his expectations. After the criteria are set, the robot scans the market, and as the market parameters match with the traders’ preferences, a trade is triggered immediately following the strategies of Bitcoin trading, and hence a profit is earned.

3. Faster responses to the changing market

It claims to respond to the market fluctuations even before the Bitcoin price fluctuations actually take place, thereby giving ample time to the traders to set their preferred criteria that can combat these inherent uncertainties that exist in the crypto market. The Bitcoin Trader software is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market and therefore is able to gauge in which direction the price fluctuations may move even before they actually move. This is highly beneficial in Bitcoin trading.

4. Emotion free trading

Human emotions like fear and greed sometimes pose a serious threat to making logical decisions that eventually result in disrupting the Bitcoin trading. But with trading tools like the Bitcoin Trader, this can never happen as it is an auto trading tool where the trade is automatically triggered whenever the preset criteria are met. The automated cryptocurrency trading robot never questions any trade, which is very unlikely when a trade is placed manually by the traders, where one thinks a thousand times before executing a trade. But when it comes to placing an online trade, keeping human emotions aside is very important. Emotion free Bitcoin trading is very important for first-time Bitcoin traders because they are too afraid to pull out a trade. Sometimes, out of greed, these traders go on placing trades, even knowing that it is not the right time to trade, and the trade may fall drastically. All these circumstances can be avoided when trading tools like the Bitcoin Trader is used.

5. Educational resources

While making this review on the Bitcoin Trader, we visited its official website many times in order to look for all the factors that may sometimes be left unnoticed. The most interesting fact that we found out in its website is that its website is self-sufficient to teach the new traders how to start trading on the platform. There are digital educational resources available on the website that one can follow while formulating his own strategies. Then there are options to open a demo account to try out new trade tactics and then sticking to one that he thinks will best serve his purpose in Bitcoin trading. There are also hundreds of testimonials available on the official website of the Bitcoin Trader, and the new traders can draw valuable insights from those reviews too.

6. No secrecy

The Bitcoin Trader official website has all the information stated in a very simple and lucid language. When we visited the website, we figured out everything starting with the various products that the platform offers to trade, the various available assets, etc. There is utmost transparency in the website that also contributes to its being so reliable and legit. When there is no secrecy, it means that the software is outwardly legit.

7. Trade multiple cryptocurrencies

Not many online Bitcoin trading tools allow for trading multiple cryptocurrencies. But with the Bitcoin Trader tool, one can trade at most 8 currencies together that elevates the chances of a trader to earn more profit that comes almost unexpectedly to him. The traders can choose their own cryptocurrency pair to increase their chances of earning more time at a single time.

User Testimonials
User Testimonials


Although with the help of the Bitcoin Trader, the fluctuations prevailing in the cryptocurrency market can be laced with ease, there still exist some drawbacks. Some of them are listed here, but these drawbacks do not make this trading platform less efficient, and that can be proved by hundreds of testimonials from the people available on the official website of the Bitcoin Trader.

Massive dependence on the internet connection

While making this review on the Bitcoin Trader trading system, we found that, like most of the other trading platforms, the operation on this trading bots also depends highly on the internet connection. Moreover, the trade orders received from the registered people on the platform only reside on the computer and not on the server. This means that with the loss of the internet connection, the whole trade might fall drastically, leaving the traders in a state of devastation.

Not compatible with Android devices

This is a serious drawback that the trading bots like the Bitcoin Trader, faces but the developers claim to bring in a quick solution to this. They are hoping to update the software so that it is compatible with Android devices and iOS.

Monitoring problems

Trading robots undoubtedly relieve the traders from the complexities that they face while placing trades manually, but that does not mean that the robots can be left unattended for a very long time. In fact it still needs frequent monitoring by the users as to whether the trades are laces as per their set criteria. There may be technical glitches that may disrupt the entire trade if they arise anytime on these trading platforms like the Bitcoin Trader. There may also be issues like power loss, connectivity loss, system crashes, or even program bugs creeping amid successful trading that need to be taken care of while trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. To ensure this does not happen, the traders are recommended to keep a close watch on how the robot is operating. But that does not mean the traders need to sit before their computers the whole day checking; some random monitoring is enough.

Is the Bitcoin Trader legit?

When a new thing comes into the market, there revolves around a lot of speculation and curiosities. The trader Bitcoin, when it was launched, also faced the same amount of curiosities and speculations. This is a common human nature that they need more time to adapt to new situations. As the Bitcoin Trader is a relatively newer concept, new users have been very harsh in accepting its functionalities, even though they know that they can earn a huge profit by using Bitcoin Trader.

As per our review on the Bitcoin Trader tool, we considered a few points to find out whether or not; the Bitcoin Trader is a legit platform, which is as follows

  • The Bitcoin Trader claims to provide a win rate of 88%, which is pretty high, and this factor contributes to its being a legit platform. There are hundreds of positive testimonials in favor of the platform, which implies that the traders are thoroughly satisfied with the platform’s services.
  • Some of the leading antivirus companies have issued quality certification in favor of the Bitcoin Trader and it has also been ranked by the US Trading Association that proves that it is not a scam at all.
  • Maintaining such a low deposit is not something a scam automated cryptocurrency trading robot could have done. The Bitcoin Trader robot requires the users to deposit a minimum of $250 into the Bitcoin Trader account after the registration process gets completed.
Bitcoin Trader Reviews - Live Profit Results
Bitcoin Trader Reviews - Live Profit Results

How Does Bitcoin Trader Work?

As stated earlier, the Bitcoin Trader works algorithmic interpretations, course progression, and statistics. In fact, it is a fully automated software that is not bound by human emotions. The robot works exactly in the way in which the users program it by setting in their preferred trade criteria. The robot initiates trade whenever the presser criteria match. Here are some steps discussed on how to start trading using this platform.


To get started with this Bitcoin Trader tool, this is the first step that the users need to comply with. They need first to visit the official site of the Bitcoin Trader; there, they will find a registration form that needs to be filled in by the new users. Registration is absolutely free and only needs the users to fill in the form with some basic information like his full name, valid email address. After clicking on the “next” button, the users will be directed to a new set of requirements that will require him to create a strong password that should consist of 6 alphanumeric characters, to protect his details and log in to his account. In the final step, the users are required to fill his country of residence and phone number and click on the “Register Now” button, to complete the process. The process is very simple and has all the information on how to do it stepwise. Therefore, it does not need the users to be experts in this trading tool’s functionalities. Just following the steps can achieve their goals in just a few minutes.

After the registration is done, the platform assigns a regulated broker to each of the traders who will place the trade on their behalf and will also look after the traders’ welfare from time to time.

Using the demo feature

After the registration is done, many users use this feature first to get some information on how actually live trading is done on these platforms. Just like the registration procedures, using this demo feature is also absolutely free, but this feature is only allowed for registered users. Right after the registration, they sign up for a demo account that is virtually funded but has all the necessary tools to get the real trading going on at an equal pace. This feature exposes the traders to real online trading: they get valuable information like what strategies will work for them, what not to try, etc. After they are satisfied with the software’s functionalities, they can get going by following the next step to fund their accounts.


The users can directly land up to this step right after the registration or try the demo feature first, get convinced about using this platform and then fund their accounts on this platform. The minimum deposit that the users can start trading on this platform is $250. This amount works as the working capital that is required in every trade. But the users are free to deposit any larger amount. But for the first-time users, it is recommended not to invest more money than the minimum amount, though investing more money increases the chance of earning more profit. But this applies for the seasoned traders only who know all the nooks and corners of online crypto trade.

The funding can be made using any preferred mode of payments like card payments, MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, Skrill, bank transfers, wire transfers, etc. In case the traders are using any of their preferred modes of payments, they just need to mention it while depositing money to their accounts. Like in case of the money deposited by credit card, the card details need to be mentioned, or if any trader is using bank transfers, the bank account details need to be stated. One of the important information that we found out while making this review on the Bitcoin Trader is that the payment gateway of the platform is secured by SSL certificates and is well encrypted, which means that the traders’ money and important information that they share are absolutely safe on this platform. The robust security does not allow hackers to harm their funds and data stored on this platform.

Live Trading

Before switching on the automated live trading option, the traders need to set their preferred trade criteria like what is the maximum number of trades they want to place per day, what is the minimum profit that they are to earn per day, what is the maximum investment they can make etc. based on these set criteria the robot will place each trade. It will scan the market, to find out lucrative trade opportunities, then when the trade opportunity matches the set criteria, the robot will trigger a trade signal to alert the traders that a trade has been placed. The traders are recommended to monitor the trade from time to time to see whether the trades have been placed following the conditions set in by the users. Moreover, if the users perceive that the set criteria are not performing the way they want, they can immediately change the trade settings any time they want.

Working Procedures
Working Procedures

Wrap Up

Bitcoin trading is often looked upon with suspicious and pruning eyes due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. The volatile cryptocurrency market is also held responsible for the fluctuation in the Bitcoin prices. But with trading platforms like the Bitcoin Trader, the volatile cryptocurrency market can also be transformed by the implementation of logical, algorithmic interpretations.

Remember that even the most perfect things in the world have some defects, and so is this Bitcoin Trader platform. Despite the shortcomings of this software, it has been ranked by the users amongst the topmost performing trading tools. Though it offers consistent online crypto trading and can earn a huge profit, it can never be considered a substitute for carefully executed trading. This is because technology failures can happen any time, which can make their trades fall apart drastically.


1. Does the Bitcoin Trader software allow demo trading?

Yes, there is a provision of demo trading on the Bitcoin Trader trading platform to ease out the efforts of the newbie traders in learning the trade tactics. It has all the necessary trading tools that the traders would need to place a Bitcoin trade and also to expose themselves to live to trade. Moreover, the traders are relieved from the fear of losing their real money during unforeseen events that are very common in a Bitcoin trade owing to the volatile nature of Bitcoin.

2. Is the Bitcoin Trader Software legit?

As per our findings in the review made for the Bitcoin Trader tool, we found no evidence of the software for calling it a scam. Though there are many Bitcoin Trader scam reports revolving around on the internet, there is no solid proof against the Bitcoin Trader tool out to date, that works in favor of the Bitcoin Trader scam reports. Alternatively, there are hundreds and thousands of positive user testimonials where people have talked about how they are impressed with the services provided by the Bitcoin Trader software. These go against all the Bitcoin Trader scams and shut down the mouths of those trying to defame the platform.

3. Is the Bitcoin Trader aired on any tv shows?

No, the Bitcoin Trader has been aired on any tv shows; as such there are rumors linked to it being shown on a popular tv show, but that is false. In the name of the popular tv show, the Shark Tank was rumored to have been linked with the Bitcoin Trader, but as per our findings, we found no connection between this Bitcoin Trader and the popular tv show, the Shark Tank. So, if there are any rumors regarding Shark Tank, that is absolutely baseless.

4. Is the Bitcoin Trader really a profit-earning software?

Yes, the Bitcoin Trader is really a money-making and profit earning software. Users who use Bitcoin Trader have stated to have earned a daily profit of $1300 from a mere deposit of $250.

5. Has the Bitcoin Trader been endorsed by celebrities like Peter Jones, Elon Musk and Gordon Ramsay?

Every day new rumors are coming up on the Bitcoin Trader. One of those rumors is that the platform has been endorsed by famous celebrities like Peter Jones, Elon Musk, and Gordon Ramsay. All three of these celebrities, Peter Jones, Elon Musk, and Gordon Ramsay, were approached to clarify whether they are linked to the Bitcoin Trader platform, and all three denied the fact. Peter Jones was even rumored to have acquired 20% of the platform’s shares, which he has denied and confirmed it as a rumor. But these endorsement rumors cannot in any way be the parameters to judge whether such a platform is legit or not. These are just internet stunts that fade away automatically after a certain period of time.

Bitcoin Trader













  • Registration is a Hassle-free process.
  • Precise customization available for trade settings.
  • Offers Demo trading account.


  • No App is available for iOS and Android.