Washington D.C. Financial Services Law Considers Bitcoin as ‘Money’

Law Considers Bitcoin as ‘Money’

On July 24th, 2020, a U.S. federal court of Washington D.C. added the Bitcoin cryptocurrency under the Money Transmitters Act. With this move, Bitcoin becomes the first virtual currency in the U.S. to be deemed as ‘money’ under the U.S. Federal Financial Regulations. This development is a consequence of declining the dismissal of criminal charges

Twitter Hackers Leave Digital Footprints with Historic Bitcoin Scam

Hackers Leave Digital Footprints in Historic Bitcoin Scam of Twitter

Hackers, who scammed over 400 payments in Bitcoin, valued at $121,000 by hijacking verified Twitter accounts, have possibly left behind a trail of digital footprints that law enforcement agencies and investigators could follow to track them down. Though Bitcoin allows users to hide their personal identity, the Bitcoin transactions are recorded on the blockchain, making

Crypto Scammers Stole About $24M Worth of BTC in 2020

Crypto Scammers Gain $24M worth BTC in 6 Months of 2020

Scammers seem to be making fortunes out of stolen cryptocurrencies, even by using legitimate channels such as social media, as online transactions are on the rise but were supposed to enable secure digital payments and purchases. Despite new technologies such as the blockchain, fraudsters seem to be stealing more information about people, combining old and

Cryptocurrency Firm’s CEO Declared Bankrupt After $13M Bitcoin Scam

Bankrupt After $13M Bitcoin Scam

The Gauteng Division of the High Court of South Africa has declared Willie Breedt, CEO of VaultAge Solutions, bankrupt. Breedt, who traded Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, allegedly defrauded an estimated 2,000 investors of $13.35 million (227 million South African rands). Now, with the court’s decision, these investors are set to lose their stakes in the company.

Russian Court: The legal status of virtual currency is nil

Russian court turns down the request for Bitcoin theft

An Overview Russian Court is in the news for a recent individual theft, which occurred over 100 Bitcoin. The victim surrendered to the Russian court for assistance. Unfortunately, the court turned the individual down. The reason behind the court’s turning the individual down is his request for a replacement. The court completely blew away the

Bitcoin: A Profit-centric Investment in the Pandemic Situation

Bitcoin is Proved to be a Profitable Investment in COVID-19 Pandemic

The crisis caused by COVID-19 globally has kept the investors pondering about the suitability of investing in cryptocurrency like the Bitcoin. The scenario of this market turmoil where stock exchanges were getting badly affected and every other business is at stake, which has made the investors difficult to make decisions. However, trying to get a

Euro Prime to Change the Traditional Way of Trading

Euro Prime

There was a time when trading was not easy and was full of a lot of formalities. Now with the introduction of the internet and the availability of many online brokers, the traditional way of trading has seen a significant difference. However, not all brokerage firms are trustworthy. Regulations, commissions, number of accounts and fees

A Sneak Peek into the World of Blockchain PR in the Future

Blockchain PR in the Future

It is quite unlikely for a person living in the present era to be unaware of the whereabouts of blockchain terminology and cryptocurrencies. Though in a general understanding, people correlate crypto and blockchain, the reality is entirely different as digital currencies are merely an application of blockchain and not blockchain in itself. As the financial

Thousands of Merchants to Accept Bitcoin Cash Around the World


The Simple Ledger Protocol is making it easier for people to create tokens over the Bitcoin cash Network. This allows traders from around the world to make crypto transactions more common than ever. As Tokyo based Alliance Cargo Direct’s token ACD starts being accepted by both online and offline Merchants of the world, along with