Bitcoin Has No Intrinsic Value – Where Does It Get Its Value?

Bitcoin Has No Intrinsic Value

Overview Bitcoin uses secure blockchain technology that makes it difficult to hack or reverse any transactions. Bitcoin has a limited supply of 21 million coins, out of which 17.3 million coins are already in circulation. It is very interesting to check whether Bitcoin has any intrinsic value or not comes with various interpretations and answers

How To Get or Earn Free Bitcoins?

How To Get or Earn Free Bitcoins

Introduction Launched in 2009, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a decentralized kind of digital cash that removes the requirement for intermediaries like governments and banks to make monetary transactions. It is powered through peer-to-peer technologies and software-based cryptography. Many people think that Bitcoin is the future. Therefore, investing in it now can get

Top 10 Crypto Wallets Hit 5.6M Downloads: Jan 2021 Report

Top 10 Crypto Wallets

This year has witnessed an incredible rally in the crypto space, with the 10 highest-ranking crypto wallets reporting 5.6 million downloads in January this year, which marks a 150% increase in crypto wallet download. According to the news reports, by June 2020, the 10 highest ranked mainstream crypto wallets witnessed approximately 1.4 million downloads. Users

How to Buy Ripple and Where?

How and Where to Buy Ripple

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, selecting a cryptocurrency to invest in is a major issue. The issue further intensifies with new cryptos being introduced every day in different markets. While most of the world believes Bitcoin to be synonymous with cryptocurrency, there are other cryptos like Ripple (XRP) and Ether that one can trade with

Fidelity’s Global Macro Head Compares Bitcoin with Gold

Fidelity’s Global Macro Head Compares Bitcoin with Gold

Jurrien Timmer has compared the potential of investing in Bitcoin to Gold, indicating the changing tone and scenario in the Fidelity Investments about cryptocurrencies. In a research note written to the investors, Timmer compared Bitcoin as a tool that can provide a hedge against inflation while comparing its value to the Digital Gold. Timmer also

Finoa Announces Partnership With Mina Protocol

Finoa Announces Partnership With Mina Protocol

As a part of a strategic deal, Finoa has announced Mina Protocol as its preferred institutional custodian. Mina Protocol is a first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency powered by the lightest blockchain available, enabling scalability, security, and decentralization. At the same time, Finoa is a market leader providing digital assets to its institutional investors through a secured and seamless

Binance Labs Led Plasm Network’s $2.4 Million Funding Round

Binance Labs Led Plasm Network’s $2.4 Million Funding Round

Plasm Network raised $2.4 million through the Series A funding round led by the Binance Labs. The network is a well-known player in the segment of smart contracts with a significant presence on the Polkadot platform. It offers a scalable and interoperable infrastructure that helps organizations access layer2 services such as Zk Rollups and Optimism

Digihost Mined a Whopping 33.7 Bitcoins in January 2021

Digihost mined a whopping 33.7 bitcoins

Digihost Technology Inc., a blockchain company focused on mining and hosting services, made headlines as it was declared to have minted as many as 33.7 bitcoins in January. With these 33.7 bitcoins that were mined last month, the company now stands strong with a total of 183.7 bitcoins to date.  According to media reports, Digihost

XLM as Long Term Investment: Will We See Interstellar Rally in Future?

XLM as Long Term Investment

Stellar is a full-stack cryptocurrency and digital payments platform, founded in the year 2015 by Mt. Gox with an aim to bring the global financial system under one roof enabled by the power of blockchain technology. Put simply. Users can trade, hold and sell a cryptocurrency, trade forex or securities, and make payments of any