Trey Mancini to Use Chainlink & Ureeqa for Cancer Research

Trey Mancini to Use Chainlink & Ureeqa for Cancer Research

NFT’s drop on Monday was highly speculated. Major League Baseball’s Trey Mancini is bringing a special NFT using the UREEQA marketplace for Cancer Research and awareness. This will give collectors, sports fans, and others a chance to own an NFT affordably.

Trey Mancini’s NFT sale will have ultimate security to protect buyers and bidders. UREEQA collaborates with the market’s leading tokenized oracle solution, Chainlink, to attain the highest level of security. For the uninformed, UREEQA is a decentralized platform powered by blockchain for protecting, monetizing, and managing creative work.

Here, the NFTS will represent special edition baseball and respective artwork. The non-fungible tokens will be leveraging smart contracts along with Chainlink oracle to assure collectors that their digital assets are authentically rare. Reportedly, Trey Mancini is planning to surpass digital memorabilia due to the recent NFT drop. He is conversing with Chainlink and UREEQA to add some dynamic elements to give the fans a fair chance to win prizes.

As we all know, Mancini is a colon cancer survivor. Therefore, he intends to pass the entire receiving of this week’s sale to the TMF (Trey Mancini Foundation). He wants to support the ones who are encountering fatal illnesses like cancer. His vision is to empower them and draw them out from their suffering by facilitating them with essentials. The sale is reportedly starting Monday at 7 pm ET. It will be the same time when Mancini will step inside the batter box to participate in the MLB All-star Home Run Derby of 2021.

It looks like Trey Mancini, Matt Rodgers, Trey Mancini Foundation, Steven Polizzi, Haddon McKinney, Ben Armstrong, and Justin Williams of BitBoy Crypto’s efforts in the designing process are finally ready to give prospering results.

One NFT is supposed to be unique. The same will be made available through the 48-hour auction wherein the winner will receive a bat signed by Trey Mancini, which he used in Home Run Derby. He will also receive signed batting gloves, cleats, and one-on-one baseball lessons from Trey Mancini himself.

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