Injective Announces Integration With Near Protocol

Injective Announces Integration With Near Protocol

Injective has made the most exciting announcement of integrating with Near Protocol to create a liberal, inclusive, and decentralized monetary system. The multi-chain trading ecosystem obtained from the integration shall serve as a border-less and international network for maximum market exposure. The users of Injective shall now be able to engage in the seamless trading of assets across multiple Blockchain networks from within the Ethereum-native trading universe.

Injective is a decentralized multi-chain exchange protocol that provides complete access to border-less DeFi and decentralized derivatives. The protocol offers access to a wide range of decentralized markets for synthetics, spots, perpetuals, futures, and more. On the other hand, the Near Protocol is a decentralized platform that works to make dApps accessible on the Web.

Near Protocol’s integration will enable Injective to release derivatives developed with the Near token along with the launch of native assets on the Blockchain network of Near. The Blockchain technology of Aurora will be employed for creating a bridge between the assets of Injective and Near Protocol. Aurora is known for providing a Near-driven platform for smart contracts that are compatible with Ethereum. It consists of Aurora Bridge and Aurora Engine. The Aurora Bridge allows permission-less data and token transfer across Aurora and Ethereum. On the other hand, the Aurora Engine enables the deployment of Vyper and Solidity smart contracts at the platform. Aurora also provides a stellar Blockchain-powered infrastructure powered by the Near Protocol. The CEO of Aurora Labs, Alex Shevchenko, believes that the integration shall enrich and simplify the user experience by providing the developers with quick access to new DeFi markets. The integration shall also help create a bridge that will improve interoperability of Blockchains and enable the employment of the Open Web.

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