Fish Store in Malaysia to Start Accepting Crypto

Fish Store in Malaysia to Start Accepting Crypto

Malaysia is one of the top 20 countries of the world most interested in cryptocurrency. Luno Malaysia, the country’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange, has now been able to 500,000 subscribers. Currently, Malaysia is taking its crypto adoption to another level, with Sarawak Harvest becoming the first fish store in the country to start accepting cryptocurrency. At present, there are more than 1 million Malaysians who own cryptocurrency, and they are constantly looking for new avenues to spend their digital funds.

Sarawak Harvest has paired up with Triple-A to start accepting cryptocurrencies. Vincent Chin, the owner of Sarawak Harvest, mentioned that he developed the plan to introduce crypto payments when he saw a Facebook group of crypto owners mentioning that there are not enough retail locations in Malaysia accepting digital currency payments. Chin has stated that they are a small local business, but they constantly strive to be ahead of the technology curve.

Eric Barbier, Chief Executive of payment gateway Triple-A, has also mentioned that they are now getting more and more requests for crypto payment facilities from many businesses all across Malaysia. Barbier believes that when there are more than 200 million cryptocurrency owners worldwide, the time is ripe for businesses worldwide to start adopting crypto payment gateways. At present, the total valuation of cryptocurrency in the world is US$2 trillion. So Barbier believes that cryptocurrency will soon become a major means of payment transactions all across the globe.

Cryptocurrency is growing popular day by day, and Malaysia is one of the leaders of this crypto revolution. If small businesses like Sarawak Harvest continue their policy of cryptocurrency adoption, Malaysia may soon see a day when cryptocurrency will become one of the most popular currencies in the country.

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