Washington Dc Shall Acknowledge Government Blockchain Week

Washington Dc Shall Acknowledge Government Blockchain Week

Government policymakers, Blockchain experts, crypto investors, media personalities, VIPs, and other cryptocurrency leaders of Washington DC shall come together to observe the Government Blockchain Week of GBA in September 2021. The celebration of Government Blockchain Week shall be in the form of a live event spanning across a week and featuring six days of resourceful Blockchain-based conferences. Blockchain technology is now a significant part of several sectors like cybersecurity, Legal & Law Enforcement, NFTs, International Trade & Aid, and several more. On the last two days of the event, every conference shall converge into a single conference held at the Congressional Auditorium of the US Capitol. This converged conference of two days is the flagship event of GBA titled “The Future of Money, Governance, & The Law.”

The conference’s main agenda is the establishment of good rapport and solid connection with Blockchain technology innovators and government officials across the globe. The conference shall be addressed by a powerhouse of speakers renowned across the world. One of them is Scott Stornetta, a founding father of Blockchain technology, followed by Blockchain architects from the London Stock Exchange, Tax Risk Analysis Head from the Finance Ministry of Croatia, representatives from the Trade & Investment Commission of Australia, and many more.

The conferences of Government Blockchain Week shall be held across stellar locations of Washington DC. Visit Washington DC to attend the Blockchain live events at Capitol Congressional Auditorium of the US, The Embassy of Bahrain, The British Embassy, and The DC Attorney General’s Office. In addition, there will be three grand reception events in the evening on the theme of intrigue and elegance of Kennedy’s era. The conferences shall provide every budding cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiast with the golden opportunity of getting acquainted with the eminent personalities of the crypto world. Blockchain Technology shall continue to disrupt the existing system and revolutionize every sector in the times to come.

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