Ambrosus Ecosystem and INC4 Announce System Integrator Partnership

Ambrosus Ecosystem and INC4 Announce System Integrator Partnership

Ambrosus recently announced entering a partnership with INC4. The integration will see INC4 acting as Ambrosus blockchain’s new system integrator. It will allow new users to scale and optimize their projects using its blockchain technology.

The latest partnership between INC4 and Ambrosus Ecosystem allows ventures to quickly integrate and onboard AMB – NET via technical assistance from INC4’s blockchain experts. In addition, it facilitates quick digitization for both companies, allowing them to acquire dApps, smart contracts, tokenization solutions, and other services over the Ambrosus network.

Moreover, the collaboration will help Ambrosus Ecosystem gain a new partner – TetrisBOX. The storage unit company will be the first venture to join Ambrosus via INC4. The platform uses AMB – NET at its core CRM system, including storage terms’ records and other data that needs storage.

INC4 has been in the market for 10+ years, with 40+ blockchain experts backing the platform. Moreover, the platform houses a team of crypto-enthusiasts from across the world. Sergii Grygoriev, Ambrosus’ Head of Business Development, visited INC4’s head office and interacted with the team. 

INC4 offers multi-purpose solutions revolving around intelligent contracts and blockchain development alongside exchanges, wallets, and cryptocurrencies. With such features on display, the partnership will yield long-term results for Ambrosus Ecosystem.

On the other hand, Ambrosus also packs a rich background with 500+ decentralized node operators working on the network. The blockchain is scalable and robust to connect with ERP systems, IoT devices, enterprise management solutions, and sensors.

Despite its relatively recent release in 2017, Ambrosus Ecosystem has garnered a global user base. With 100 TPS (transaction per second), it is a highly demanded network in the industry. Since both ventures pack the ability to add value to the blockchain sector, the partnership will undoubtedly assist the industry in multiple ways.

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