Finoa Announces Partnership With Mina Protocol

Finoa Announces Partnership With Mina Protocol

As a part of a strategic deal, Finoa has announced Mina Protocol as its preferred institutional custodian. Mina Protocol is a first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency powered by the lightest blockchain available, enabling scalability, security, and decentralization. At the same time, Finoa is a market leader providing digital assets to its institutional investors through a secured and seamless platform.  

The blog explained the technical details about the Mina protocol; it provides better scalability, robust protection, and easier participation because of its Web 3.0 system. While Mina Protocol continues to stun the world through its innovative blockchain technology, Fiona takes it a step ahead by providing its institutional investors easy access to its platform. 

Finoa took to blog to highlight the key areas that the strategic alliance looks forward to enhancing. Business giants that desire to take their investment portfolios a notch higher will now have access to Finoa’s ecosystem through which they can engage in investment activities. It also highlighted that Finoa is a world-renowned brand that is popular among its clients for the fastest adoption of blockchains, which enables in introducing the fascinating world of cryptocurrency to its new institutional business.

Evan Shaprio, CEO and Co-Founder of O(1) Labs, professionals that help power the Mina protocol, spoke on similar lines and praised Fiona for providing investment solutions to its institutional clients. He further stated that this strategic alliance would enable investors to have access to Mina’s digital currency and help strengthen their user base.

Finoa took to Twitter to welcome Mina on board and expressed its excitement to collaborate with its Partner. It stated on Twitter that the association would enable Finoa to be its go-to channel to introduce Mina’s users with institutional level custody.  As per the news report, Henrick Gebbing, CEO and Co-Founder at Finoa, pointed out crucial points on why the partnership would be fruitful. He said the collaboration looks forward to bridging the gap between institutional investors of cryptocurrencies and introduction to the cryptocurrency ecosystem to pave the way to mass-adoption at an institutional level.

Through its blog, Fiona took an opportunity to connect with its user base while assuring them that its team will continue to extend support to innovative and popular brands of digital currencies through its lightning-fast blockchain technology. The blog also appealed to its community to explore the Mina tokens or their plans through their website. Finoa, through its regulated service offering and Mina’s succinct blockchain technology, will change how we see the institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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