Band Protocol Integrates with Citadel.One to Offer All-In-One Service

Band Protocol Integrates with Citadel.One to Offer All-In-One Service

The strategic merger of Band Protocol into Citadel.One has now been officially announced. Citadel.One is a leading all-in-one staking interface; On the other hand, Band Protocol is an oracle platform with cross-chain data facilities aggregating and interconnecting the real data and APIs (Application Programming Interface) with smart contracts.

Several advantages would result from this merger. First, there would be a smart dashboard in place for the proper viewing of analytics for Citadel.One platform users—the dashboard offers useful and relevant information around wallet balances and the BandChain network’s primary metrics. Critical information around the balance structure of every asset is also provided, along with the native currency value, either BTC or USD, for better understanding. A rewards chart provides a customized history of reward payouts and also includes network interviews, updates, and much more. 

Proof of stake network participation is the central and prime focus of the Citadel.One platform. A user can maintain the BAND ecosystem by continuously earning rewards for participation in the decentralized oracle structure. Along with the total available balance, the dashboard also features the total earnings that came right into the dashboard. The dashboard essentially helps the user understand what portions of the wallet have been staked and what has been not.

The integration of Band Protocol into Citadel.One ensures the management of appropriate storage and control of cryptocurrencies. Citadel.One comes with a comfortable fiat gateway. With Citadel.One in place, the token usefulness increases maximally for crypto assets. Using a single list of words called a seed phrase, one can open a safe public address account for stocking up their crypto assets. Further to this, they can interlink their Ledger or Trezor device and transport addresses that they might have generated from some other wallet.

Citadel.One offers to exchange your assets using a proper fiat gateway with appropriate conversions to fiat money or vice versa. Swapping assets with an in-built exchange and buying crypto assets is facilitated with Citadel. Users can even use a credit or debit card suitably. Hundreds of exchange pairs are possible with Citadel.One. Citadel.One provides a user-friendly non-custodial platform for staking and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Band protocol is a secure, scalable blockchain-agnostic decentralized oracle platform providing IBC bridge, Band Chain Explorer & node, and oracle scripts as products.

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