Custom NFT Price Aggregator With ZUZ Protocol And Chainlink

Custom NFT Price Aggregator With ZUZ Protocol And Chainlink

The ZUZ Protocol has accomplished a significant milestone by collaborating with Chainlink to use Chainlink Price Feeds and Chainlink Keepers to calculate the average value of monthly staking reward tokens and Zeus NFTs. The Chainlink Keepers comprises a decentralized service that leverages off-chain computation to automate on-chain function initiation to execute smart contracts. At the ZUZ Protocol, the Chainlink Keepers regularly employs the NFT price aggregator to determine the Zeus NFT price. The service of Chainlink Keepers determines the price of Zeus NFTs by performing calculations on an off-chain basis. 

The recent rise in the popularity of NFTs has led to the creation of a host of NFT-based assets that include digital collectibles, on-chain art, and online memorabilia. The team at ZUZ Protocol is currently working on showcasing NFTs as assets with an intrinsic value. The ZUZ Protocol is striving hard to implement the benefits of Chainlink Keepers. The novel benefits of Chainlink Keepers are listed below:

  1. High uptime

The DevOps team that is renowned for their on-chain performance at Chainlink Price Feeds operates Chainlink Keepers. 

  1. Decentralized execution

Chainlink leverages a transparent and decentralized pool of Chainlink Keepers services. The service guarantees the secure automation of smart contracts, eliminates risks associated with centralized servers and manual interventions, and saves the team time. 

  1. Low cost

The Chainlink Keepers service possesses a host of gas-optimizing features. These features help to decrease the cost of automating the maintenance of tasks for the users. The keepers employ rotating node selection to stabilize the costs and prevent auction wars on gas prices. 

  1. Expandable Computation

The Chainlink Keepers executes computations off-chain and generates call data that is verifiable by decentralized smart contracts. The generation of call data permits the developers to create trust-minimized and advanced dApps at minimal costs. 

Currently, the ZUZ Protocol is looking forward to incorporating Chainlink VRF for conducting random giveaways of merchandise.

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