Crypto Financial Rating Agency Weiss Ratings Mentions Binance Coin as Next Bitcoin

Bitcoin the first cryptocurrency of the world has recovered from the bear market and over the past few weeks bitcoin is rallying over the market. The bitcoin price rise in the market is noticed after a long crypto winter but still remains below its record break level of $20,000 per bitcoin, meantime traders and investors

FinCEN Launches Civil Penalty on Bitcoin Exchange

The US has one department which keeps track of all the financial transactions related to the US, both national and international to keep a check on money laundering activities. This department is – “the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).” This department launched its first-ever penalty on one P2P crypto exchange on the grounds of breaching

20|30 Raises $3.9 Million on London Stock Exchange

A new blockchain start-up named 20|30 is formed to tokenize securities and equities on behalf of their clients. It will be conducting one of the UK’s first ever equity-token issuing too. The company accepted by FCA has raised £1 million in seed capital. The new company has also successfully raised £3 million by selling tokenized