Bitcoin Community Outraged over Deutsche Bank Association in Epstein Scandal

Deutsche Bank Ordered to Pay $150M by New York State Regulators

Deutsche Bank has been ordered to pay $150 million by the New York state financial regulators. This follows the unearthing of “significant compliance failures” by the Bank in having a customer-bank relationship with Jeffery Epstein, the alleged child sex trafficker. The regulators have indicted the Bank for providing banking services to Epstein despite knowing about

The World’s Largest Pension Fund Posted a Q1 Loss of $165B

The World’s Largest Pension Fund Posted a Q1 Loss of $165B

Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) has posted a record quarterly loss of 17.71 trillion yen ($164.74 billion) in the first quarter of 2020 as COVID-19 hit stock markets. The damage is equivalent to the Bitcoin’s entire market capitalization. The GPIF decreased by almost 11% to 150.63 trillion yen ($1.4 trillion) in assets. The world’s largest

Personal Data of Thousands of Users Exposed in a Bitcoin Scam

Bitcoin Scam

An Overview The recent news in the world of Bitcoin is creating a sensation. Bitcoin has exposed loads of data on personal accounts. However, this horrible data leakage affected thousands of people by this sudden data breaching. Nevertheless, experts in BTC (Bitcoin) groups reclaiming it to be a phishing swindle. According to them, it is

Essential Things to Know About Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM

Introduction Bitcoin ATMs allow cryptocurrency wallet users to buy or sell Bitcoins, by depositing or withdrawing cash. A wallet is a key element in Bitcoin ATM transactions, by probably being the only way to identify the user. Bitcoin ATMs come in a variety of touchpad and/or touchscreen-based kiosks, sometimes as extended features of traditional cash-based

Bitcoin: A Profit-centric Investment in the Pandemic Situation

Bitcoin is Proved to be a Profitable Investment in COVID-19 Pandemic

The crisis caused by COVID-19 globally has kept the investors pondering about the suitability of investing in cryptocurrency like the Bitcoin. The scenario of this market turmoil where stock exchanges were getting badly affected and every other business is at stake, which has made the investors difficult to make decisions. However, trying to get a

A Spotlight on Bitcoin Gaming Regulations in Different Countries


The crypto fad has taken the gambling industry by storm. Cryptocurrencies have shown immense potential in both constructive and destructive ways in the industry. Hence every nation thriving on crypto follow some stringent rules laid down by their respective regulators. To pin a generic attitude of regulators towards cryptocurrencies, let’s find out how different countries

Thousands of Merchants to Accept Bitcoin Cash Around the World


The Simple Ledger Protocol is making it easier for people to create tokens over the Bitcoin cash Network. This allows traders from around the world to make crypto transactions more common than ever. As Tokyo based Alliance Cargo Direct’s token ACD starts being accepted by both online and offline Merchants of the world, along with

Analyst Says Bitcoin might have 100 more days of Accumulation


If we observe the cryptocurrency market of the past twenty days, the crypto market has been successful in maintaining its gains and even created new trading levels. Numerous coins have reached new record break levels. When it comes to Bitcoin, the coin has surpassed more than $5000 level mark. Analysts believe that this trend can