IT Specialists Fail to Unlock $65M Worth Seized Bitcoin

IT Specialists Fail to Unlock $65M Worth Seized Bitcoin

The authorities in the Bavarian town of Kempton, Germany, had to accept their defeat in accessing the seized Bitcoins of a convicted hacker. Despite the officials’ tireless efforts, they could not crack the chain of passwords protecting over 1,700 Bitcoin assets of the fraudster sentenced to two-plus years of imprisonment by the court. The convict

Digihost Mined a Whopping 33.7 Bitcoins in January 2021

Digihost mined a whopping 33.7 bitcoins

Digihost Technology Inc., a blockchain company focused on mining and hosting services, made headlines as it was declared to have minted as many as 33.7 bitcoins in January. With these 33.7 bitcoins that were mined last month, the company now stands strong with a total of 183.7 bitcoins to date.  According to media reports, Digihost

Difference Between Bitcoin Casino and Regular Online Casino

Difference Between Bitcoin Casino and Regular Online Casino

For experienced gamblers, the iGaming industry is a new alternative to the traditional gambling business. Online gambling platforms have become go-to destinations for players around the globe. According to various estimates, the global market for online casinos is now worth over $40 billion. A major chunk of these revenues is generated by the standard online

Bitcoin Debit Cards: Revolutionizing the Bitcoin Industry

Bitcoin Debit Cards

Bitcoin emerged in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis that triggered general distrust toward the centralized banking system. As banks across the globe came tumbling down due to the house market crash due to mortgages, the government bailed them out, ironically with taxpayers’ money. The aim of Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of

Earn Some Extra Bitcoins And Bonuses With Bitcoin Gambling With Faucet

Bitcoin Gambling With Faucet

Bitcoin casinos use Bitcoins. Hence, they offer advantages like faster transactions and quick payouts. They are like other online casinos with a live dealer in some games such as craps and roulette.  Bitcoin Gambling And Its Features Bitcoin gambling has become quite famous around the world. Although online gambling is allowed in a few states

Bitcoin Transactions—Anonymous or Traceable?

Bitcoin Transactions—Anonymous or Traceable?

Trade and finance experts from around the world are grilled with several questions when they get asked about cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. A common question they have to answer is whether or not Bitcoin transactions are anonymous. More importantly, can someone trace and identify the sender in a Bitcoin transaction? Now, there is no straightforward answer

Morgan Creek’s Pomp says Bitcoin to Break the $400k Ceiling in the Long-Term

Bitcoin to Break the $400k Ceiling in the Long-Term

Anthony Pompliano, CEO of Morgan Creek Digital, has predicted that the value of Bitcoin will break through the $400k ceiling in the long-term. He feels that it will be a normal fallout of the perceived value of Bitcoin by investors against assets like gold and the dollar. Bitcoin has always been notoriously volatile in the

Washington D.C. Financial Services Law Considers Bitcoin as ‘Money’

Law Considers Bitcoin as ‘Money’

On July 24th, 2020, a U.S. federal court of Washington D.C. added the Bitcoin cryptocurrency under the Money Transmitters Act. With this move, Bitcoin becomes the first virtual currency in the U.S. to be deemed as ‘money’ under the U.S. Federal Financial Regulations. This development is a consequence of declining the dismissal of criminal charges

Bitcoin Association Appoints Two Asian Ambassadors to Boost Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin Association Appoints Two Asian Ambassadors to Boost Bitcoin SV

The uptake for Southeast Asian digital currency – Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (Bitcoin SV) – continues to grow in the global blockchain space. To cater to this expansion, Bitcoin Association has appointed two new ambassadors based out of Malaysia and Singapore, respectively. The new ambassadors can accelerate the Association is supporting Bitcoin SV as one of

Is the Possibility of a Ban on Bitcoin in the US Over?

Possibility of Bitcoin Ban in the US

Since the Bitcoin was created about a decade back, it has at best been through a tumultuous love-hate relationship with Governments around the world, more so in the USA. Successive Governments had not taken too kindly to Bitcoin. In 2012, the Obama-Biden administration had looked into the possibility of banning Bitcoin in the country. More