How To Get or Earn Free Bitcoins

How To Get or Earn Free Bitcoins?


Launched in 2009, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a decentralized kind of digital cash that removes the requirement for intermediaries like governments and banks to make monetary transactions. It is powered through peer-to-peer technologies and software-based cryptography. Many people think that Bitcoin is the future. Therefore, investing in it now can get huge returns later. 

Is it possible to get free Bitcoins 

Free Bitcoins? Yes, it is true. You can get or earn bitcoins for free. There are various ways to earn or get free bitcoins. Though the simplest one is to buy them, it is not the cheapest method. Many methods let you get or earn bitcoins. Some are labor-intensive, while a few let you get them quickly. 

What are the ways to get or earn free Bitcoins? 

The most common method of owning a Bitcoin is by buying them through a Bitcoin exchange. A few people opt to keep Bitcoins for a long time, while others make profits by selling them whenever they find an appropriate opportunity. The simple principle of the purchase at a low price and selling at a higher price applies to Bitcoins. However, there are many ways, using which you can get or earn Bitcoins. Let’s explore them individually:

1.Gambling: Gambling is considered to be a way to lose bitcoin instead of gaining it. Many gambling sites let you withdraw your earnings in Bitcoin. However, you should be lucky enough to win in gambling. Most bitcoin gambling websites are as authentic as gambling with other currencies. They may be full of malware or ads. You will lose money usually, but it is practically possible to earn or get free Bitcoins through these sites.

2. Mining: Bitcoin mining refers to the procedure via which Bitcoins get into circulation. It involves solving computationally complex mathematical problems to discover new blocks added to the blockchain. In turn, the miners get a few bitcoins in rewards. This block reward is 25 currently, and it reduces every four years. With an increase in the generation of Bitcoins, the complexity of the mining process has increased. To combat this difficulty level, the miners use faster hardware such as advanced process units – Graphics Processing Units, Applications Specific Integrated Circuits, and more. 

3. Bitcoin faucets: Bitcoins faucets is a feature available on websites that drips Bitcoins steadily. A website, for example, may dispense a part of a Bitcoin after every few minutes. Usually, it is a very small amount awarded to a single user after every few minutes. It is a promotional feature. If a Bitcoin faucet holds some visitors to the website, it can translate to higher ad revenues, increased engagement, and other advantages for the website owners that make it beneficial. 

4. Bitcoin games: Bitcoin games also award small amounts of Bitcoins in the form of a prize. Usually, they are also filled with many ads. They work just like Bitcoin faucets. The rewards offered by these games keep people viewing ads and playing. So, if you enjoy playing games and do not mind viewing advertisements, these small Bitcoin prizes can eventually add up for you. 

5. Shop and earn free Bitcoins: You can also shop and earn bitcoins. You can use your daily shopping experience to boost your bitcoins. Do this by using bitcoin cashback services. When you purchase a product from one such service, you will get a reward as a bitcoin. With such a service, you can also earn bitcoins by referring your friends. The number of bitcoins you get on every purchase increases as the people linked to you increases. 

6. Earning Bitcoin From Trading: Bitcoin trading is another way to earn free Bitcoins. There are two ways to earn bitcoins by trading. You can either earn through speculation or arbitrage. 

Speculation: It is a riskier approach. People need to buy the bitcoins first and then wait until a price increase is there to sell them for fiat currency. If a price decrease is there, people buy more. The process keeps on repeating. This approach is based on both luck and future predictions. Those who are experienced in Bitcoin trading can identify the chart patterns and make profits. 

Arbitrage: It is the safest method to earn Bitcoins via trading. It involves buying and selling Bitcoins simultaneously so that you benefit from the difference in prices. 

7. Become an Affiliate Marketer and Earn Bitcoins for Free: Another great method for people to get or earn bitcoins is through affiliate marketing. If you have a huge following online, you can make extra income by directing your followers to carry out business with the companies ready to reward you for getting them new clients. The followers should click on the company’s unique URL when you join their referral or affiliate program. This URL will track all purchases made by the followers and credit rewards in your account. The reward that you get may vary from one merchant to the other.


So, it should be clear that it is not difficult to earn or get free bitcoins. At times, it is as easy as shopping at your preferred online stores. At other times, it is a matter of just directing your followers to any website or playing some games. Give yourself an opportunity and experiment with whatever method looks the simplest to you. However, If you are interested in Bitcoin and want to make a good income from Bitcoin then Bitcoin Loophole is a perfect platform for you. It is an automated trading platform which is based on programmed algorithms. Read out Bitcoin Loophole Reviews by users and industry experts to know more about this unique platform.  

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