How to Use Bitcoin for Purchases

How to Use Bitcoin for Purchases?

While it is difficult to predict whether Bitcoin will appreciate or depreciate in its value or whether it will be the currency’s future or not, one thing is sure that Bitcoin is now available to buy/sell. If you are creative enough, you can use Bitcoins to make purchases. If you are curious to know how you can use Bitcoins for purchases, read on. 

How to Use Bitcoin Online?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be accessed online. It is a better fit for websites compared to physical stores. Hence, there are various options to spend your Bitcoins online. A few large corporations have included blockchain technology in their business, so they are ready to take Bitcoin payments for purchases on their websites. Many others have also tried their hands at this idea to find out if Bitcoin purchases and payments can offer them a bigger consumer base. 

Although Bitcoin now related to long-term investing, it is far simpler to buy goods online using them. Many websites are designed especially to accommodate Bitcoins. You will find a site dedicated to getting your pizzas with Bitcoins. Another achievement of this market is that you can now give a gift card with Bitcoins. Famous gift card websites like eGifter and Gyft accept Bitcoins to pay for buying gift cards. These gift cards are available for popular retailers like Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, and Dunkin Donuts. 

Whether you want to buy something or use Bitcoins to add money to an account online, the procedure is quite simple and similar. Click on “Pay with Bitcoins,” provide your wallet information, confirm your information, and order. Ensure to place an order timely because some Bitcoin merchants give a window of only 10 minutes to make a purchase. It is mainly because of the volatility of Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin keeps on updating based on the exchange rates. 

Where Online Can I Buy With Bitcoin? 

Do complete research on whether any company is presently allowing Bitcoin use or not. Some companies integrated Bitcoin payments earlier but aren’t using them at present. 

Based on the retailer you select, you can buy many things with Bitcoin online. gives you the option to look for basic goods like home decor, furniture, apparel, and more, check out, and pay with Bitcoin. Newegg, the famous electronic retailer, also has been a proponent of Bitcoins. Gaming consoles, computers, and TVs can be bought on Newegg using Bitcoins with various payment methods based on whether you use your desktop or mobile. 

Microsoft users also can add Bitcoins to their Microsoft account from their wallet. When you redeem Bitcoins, you should know that it is available to use only in the Xbox Store and Windows Store. Another notable website known to accept Bitcoin payments is Expedia. Expedia is well-known for assisting in booking vacation rentals, flights, hotels, and more. However, it accepts Bitcoin payment only for hotel bookings. 

Bitcoin can be used to make donations as well. If you wish to donate money to Wikipedia, you can now do it anytime. They connect with Coinbase and let you make Bitcoin transfers. Various other websites that enable Bitcoin payments include, but are not limited to, CheapAir, OkCupid, Etsy, Zynga, and PizzaForCoins, and more. 

How to Use Bitcoin at Stores? 

Even after being in the trend and gaining so much popularity, Bitcoin is still not accepted as a common payment method at the average retail outlets. However, whether people have started believing that it is the future of payments or it is a novelty, there are a few sores that you can go and buy with Bitcoins. If you are looking for a Bitcoin purchase, you should look closely. Places that accept Bitcoin have a sign saying: “Bitcoin Accepted Here.” 

There are many ways for physical stores to accept Bitcoins if you think about spending them. Even if your business is looking to integrate it, it is a simple process. With mobile apps and computer software that allows wallet keys and QR code scanning, Bitcoin payments are fast. 

What Stores Accept Bitcoin? 

Are you looking for stores that accept Bitcoins? Some websites suggest places that take Bitcoins near you. You can search on them using virtual maps. For example, Coinmap lets you find out who accepts Bitcoin near you. 

KFC Canada tried the Bitcoin payment method for a limited time in January 2018. It presented “The Bitcoin Bucket” offer for Bitcoins value of $20. With this, consumers were offered a combination bucket of waffle fries and chicken tenders. It is not in the market now as it sold out quickly. It is a good sign. 

The popular chain of Subway also gave Bitcoin a try for a limited period. However, only a few franchisees made this decision to accept Bitcoin in 2013. 

REEDS Jewelers has incorporated the Bitcoin payment method at its 65 locations and its online stores too. For other local places that take Bitcoins near you, you can check online via Bitcoin Restaurants or Coinmap. 


Bitcoin is the new buzz. However, since it exists outside government regulations, Bitcoins carry more risk than government currency and banks. But it is not difficult to buy/sell Bitcoins, although their value can fluctuate a lot. You may use Bitcoins to make purchases online as well as a few retail stores.  However, You can still make a profit even in a fluctuating state of Bitcoin if you invest through Bitcoin Lifestyle. It is an automated trading platform that helps you to make a profit daily. Check Bitcoin Lifestyle Reviews by Experts to know more about legitimacy and success rate of the platform.

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