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Top 10 Crypto Wallets Hit 5.6M Downloads: Jan 2021 Report

This year has witnessed an incredible rally in the crypto space, with the 10 highest-ranking crypto wallets reporting 5.6 million downloads in January this year, which marks a 150% increase in crypto wallet download. According to the news reports, by June 2020, the 10 highest ranked mainstream crypto wallets witnessed approximately 1.4 million downloads. Users turn to the crypto market because, along with lucrative revenues, it also eliminates third-party interference and provides anonymity and privacy.

The reports also mentioned that this upward trend of increasing downloads only exploded in the next month. As 1.8 million downloads were reported by the end of August last year, which grew to 2.2 million downloads by the end of 2020. Downloads skyrocketed and touched 5.6 million downloads which marked the highest number of downloads since December 2017. This surge in Bitcoin’s popularity is mainly linked to Elon Musk’s tweets and several institutions like Tesla, Square, and MicroStrategy investing in the crypto market.

Apart from these institutional buyers, individual buyers from the US and Russia led to a surge in crypto transactions as more people turned towards the crypto arena. The other countries that took considerable interest in holding crypto are Africa, Asia, and South America, reveal reports. You can click here: Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets if you are looking for Bitcoin wallets that offer you anonymity, security, and privacy, and learn more about their features and benefits. Samourai wallet, Rahakott wallet, Pint wallet, Ledger nano series, Edge, Electrum are some of the most popular Bitcoin wallets in the crypto space that ensure anonymity. These wallets have one thing in common, i.e., anonymity with several other features.

According to research reports, Nigeria is leading with maximum users downloading wallets and purchasing Bitcoins last year. While Nigeria took the lead with the maximum number of people investing in crypto, countries like Vietnam and the Philippines followed suit with the maximum number of individuals purchasing Bitcoins. The reports also hint at increasing intra-day trading of crypto. However, expert crypto traders took to Bitcoin-ETFs, a trend that has been dominant in the European market. The UK and Switzerland reportedly contributed to the highest transaction of digital currency in the European market.

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