Infosys Finacle and R3

Infosys Finacle and R3 Partner to Enter a Trade Finance Trial on Blockchain

Infosys Finacle, a part of Infosys subsidiary EdgeVerve, announced the consummation of partnership for a trial based on global blockchain with blockchain software companies R3.

R3 partnered with Digital Asset (DA) in order to leverage the full potential of execution and optimization of the blockchain networks. In the news, it was affirmed that DA is to be incorporating the DAML, Digital Asset Modelling Language to Corda, a crypto initiative by R3. It will also add it to Hyperledger Fabric following the DA’s collaboration with Hyperledger Sawtooth in the month of May this year.

The trial was attended by over 19 Financial institutions from different countries. The financial institutions included names like ABC Bank Ltd, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, AO Alfa-Bank, EBE Bank, Fidelity Bank Plc, Federal Bank, First Bank of Nigeria, Gulf International Bank, First City Monument Bank Ltd, Intesa Sanpaolo, RBL Bank Ltd, Prime Bank, Syndicate Bank along with Standard Bank of South Africa. The trial ended in less than five weeks. 

The attending banks executed finance transactions of trading through products like open account, bank guarantees, factoring, invoice financing along with the credit letters. They forged trading processes of domestic as well as international activities by creating inter-country and intra-country committees.

According to a research by Grand View Research, by 2025, the blockchain market size is anticipated to rise up to $57.64 billion globally, having a CAGR at 69.4% as recorded from the years 2019-2025. Blockchain is the foundation for technologies that took form as a public ledger used to record all the virtual currency transactions.

The research study that was done on the participants resulted in 67% agreeing to the fact that they said they are capable of downsizing the processing time by 30% by keeping both parties involved in transacting on a common distributed ledger.

And 66% of people said that their firms could cut down a minimum of 20% of their operational costs in finance trading via a blockchain network. 44% of people endorsed the security perspective by saying that blockchain will have a significant impact on fraud prevention.

David E. Rutter, CEO at R3, said,

Infosys Finacle’s successful completion of this global blockchain trial is a clear demonstration of the efficiencies blockchain can bring to various financial markets, and trade finance is no exception to that. As the promise of the technology continues to gather pace through trials such as this one, we are moving closer to bringing blockchain to the fore as a viable option to transform financial markets – in trade finance and beyond.”

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