KardiaChain’s Enterprise Solution Platform is Now Audited with CertiK

KardiaChain’s Enterprise Solution Platform is Now Audited with CertiK

KardiaChain has announced that their Mainnet source code & solutions have been positively audited by CertiK, certifying that the full proof assurance of their long-awaited software completion and strength. KardiaChain is available to the public in general for crypto trading. It is a developed platform that facilitates DLT operations as an interoperability layer to enterprise

Buying Bitcoin With Plastic Money: Coinitix Makes It Easy

Buying Bitcoin With Plastic Money: Coinitix Makes It Easy

We live hectic lives these days. Between work, going shopping, groceries, household chores, and chauffeuring our kids around the city, sometimes it can be tough to do all things simultaneously. Many people do not realize it, but easy payment options like credit cards can help us save time. Credit cards make our lives easier as

Bitcoin Transactions—Anonymous or Traceable?

Bitcoin Transactions—Anonymous or Traceable?

Trade and finance experts from around the world are grilled with several questions when they get asked about cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. A common question they have to answer is whether or not Bitcoin transactions are anonymous. More importantly, can someone trace and identify the sender in a Bitcoin transaction? Now, there is no straightforward answer

Coinbase Halts More Than $280k in Bitcoin Transactions Post Twitter Hack

Coinbase Halts More Than $280k in Bitcoin Transactions Post Twitter Hack

In a recent Twitter hack of high-profile figures like Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, on July 13, Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange site prevented around 1,100 people from carrying out transactions of Bitcoin worth $280,000 to fraudulent accounts. At least 130 accounts of high-profile figures were hacked to get Bitcoin from their followers, including the

Neutrino is Collaborating with Band Protocol to Secure WAVES

Neutrino Partners with Band Protocol

An Overview Band Protocol keeps creating a sensation upon sensation. This eminent decentralized finance application is developed on Waves technology. Recently, Neutrino has chosen to collaborate with Band Protocol. The other name for Neutrino is USDN. The collaboration with Band Protocol results in providing a strong and secure price feed. This price feed is for

BitClub Programmer Confesses Role in Mining Pool Ponzi Scheme; Pleads Guilty

BitClub Network's prosecution takes turn as employee pleads guilty

Federal trials have resulted in a programmer of BitClub Network, BCN, pleading guilty to have played a role in building up a multi-million-dollar scam. BCN was in the news during December last year when charged by federal prosecutors for having duped customers to the tune of $722 Million. Silviu Catalin Balaci, a 35-year old employee

Binance Charity Contributed Thousands of PPE Kits in COVID-19 Pandemic

Binance Charity Donates Thousands of PPE Kits in COVID-19 Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic is still wracking the havoc in the world, the largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange has decided to support hospitals that are dedicatedly working to help infected patients. Nowadays, most people hesitate to make donations as they cannot track their contributions to know if the help is reaching those in need. Therefore,

SymVerse Blockchain Clears Vital TTA Performance Test

SymVerse Blockchain Passed TTA Performance Test

In a positive development for leading blockchain SymVerse, it has successfully cleared the “TTA performance test” carried out as an integral part of the ICT Fund Project of the Ministry of Science. The test included nine things linked to blockchain security that further consisted of digital signature generation verification, reliability of transactions, and unusual block

Euro Prime to Change the Traditional Way of Trading

Euro Prime

There was a time when trading was not easy and was full of a lot of formalities. Now with the introduction of the internet and the availability of many online brokers, the traditional way of trading has seen a significant difference. However, not all brokerage firms are trustworthy. Regulations, commissions, number of accounts and fees