KardiaChain’s Enterprise Solution Platform is Now Audited with CertiK

KardiaChain’s Enterprise Solution Platform is Now Audited with CertiK

KardiaChain has announced that their Mainnet source code & solutions have been positively audited by CertiK, certifying that the full proof assurance of their long-awaited software completion and strength. KardiaChain is available to the public in general for crypto trading. It is a developed platform that facilitates DLT operations as an interoperability layer to enterprise and government-grade in various Asian countries. 

The best cryptocurrency exchange in KardiaChain’s platform currently are Uniswap (V2), MXC.COM, Bilaxy, etc. At present, the KardiaChain is working with significant enterprises and government service providers to restructure and decentralize their existing enterprise solutions. KardiaChain’s Dual Node technology allows cross-chain communications within any public and/or private blockchain that gives its institutional clients solutions that are easy to understand and adopt.

The CertiK Chain is also a public platform built to enhance the security of smart contracts and based on its innovative Formal Verification security system. CertiK is a rim – level cybersecurity firm founded to improve the security and accuracy of smart contracts and blockchain protocols on a global scale. CertiK’s Security check prioritizes checks right from the bottom-up, i.e., on the base layer is the CVM that undergoes Formal Verification to certify its execution’s fidelity.

Going further in detail about this audit, it can be stated that after the first review conducted in October 2020 by the CertiK security experts, they assigned a team of the CertiK Professionals to KardiaChain that swotted the code implementation for the mainnet solution by efficiently going through the most significant parts of the codebase which are accountable for key aspects of the system and thus a complete inspection was performed by applying Static Analysis and Manual Review techniques. 

Thus, to summarize the audit report, there were no critical issues found during the auditing process. Further, the other nominal issues raised were clarified and satisfactorily answered by the KardiaChain team’s engineers through a well – written codebase report.

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