Buying Bitcoin With Plastic Money: Coinitix Makes It Easy

Buying Bitcoin With Plastic Money: Coinitix Makes It Easy

We live hectic lives these days. Between work, going shopping, groceries, household chores, and chauffeuring our kids around the city, sometimes it can be tough to do all things simultaneously. Many people do not realize it, but easy payment options like credit cards can help us save time. Credit cards make our lives easier as we do not need to carry cash every time.

Given an emergency like the pandemic, the fiat monetary system may record cash shortages and devaluation. Cryptocurrency users have options to buy bitcoin beyond fiat currency. Several platforms will let you buy Cryptocurrencies, and the most trusted one platform for buying Bitcoin is “Coinitix.” In addition to excellent security, Coinitix provides faster payouts and excellent exchange rates. It is a dynamic platform that draws a broader set of people towards greater utilization of blockchain technology.

Coinitix aims to provide users a hassle-free experience for buying Bitcoin using credit cards. They offer a simple & most effortless registration process. In this process, the user needs to follow just three steps: create an account, verify the account, and start buying Bitcoins. Coinitix also has a user-friendly approach for on-boarding and faster reconciliations.

Coinitix is playing a role of paradigm significance, especially in bridging the gap between fiat and cryptocurrencies. It enables you to buy Bitcoin with your credit card on its platform, thereby constructively supporting Bitcoin’s mass adoption. Undoubtedly, the flexibility and ease of use this platform offers will further increase its popularity.

What makes Coinitix unique?

  • Lightning Fast Payments: Coinitix offers quick payouts, which means you are not in the queue any longer, just contrary to many other exchanges that have lengthy and tedious payout processing timelines.
  • Handsome Commissions: Coinitix has applied an exemplary commission structure that is used for all the transactions. This structure ensures that users will not have to bear any extra load. In addition to that, you can start using most of this platform’s services in no time as its account verification process is quite fast.
  • Accelerated Authentication Process: With this “time leap,” Coinitix scores to be one of the most consistent platforms for transacting Bitcoins. You can lay your worries related to cumbersome identification processes to rest as now you partner with a trusted technology-oriented platform like Coinitix.
  • Customer Servicer at our Beck and Call: The most significant advantage of this platform is that it offers 24/7 customer service. You can reach them via phone, live chat, and email. We suggest that you use the telephone and live chat for instant communication. The professionals here are adequately equipped with skills and tools to assist users. As a result, you will get all the help you need from a single live chat or phone call.
  • Fully Licensed: Coinitix is a regulated & licensed platform. It means that your hard-earned money is ensured for maximum safety. They have received a cryptocurrency service license from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Estonia.
  • Crystal Clear Charge Structure: Transparent & competitive fee structure is one of the main highlights of Coinitix. It could be construed that Coinitix is trustworthy with a genuine reputation and charges no hidden fees as offered to buyers on other platforms.

How to buy your favorite Bitcoins using Credit Card over Coinitix?

Buying Bitcoins via the Coinitix platform is the most effortless process. Users need to perform the following steps:

1. Create an account

First, the user needs to create an account by providing all the necessary information and the desired password. This step includes filling up the registration form. It requires basic information like name, email address, and phone number.

2. Verification through KYC

The platform provides a faster KYC procedure with terms and conditions to safeguard your information. After this, the verification process will be completed in no time just because of the platform’s faster data processing. Then, users can buy Bitcoins with their credit cards.

Very few providers offer options to buy bitcoin with credit cards as it is a combination of cryptocurrency purchases with traditional fiat currency (credit card). Remember next time you are offered a protection wherein you do not have to waste time counting bills and coins, and buying Bitcoin is as easy as buying eggs from a Supermarket. Tracking your purchase and spend of Bitcoin are made easy, too, with Coinitix.

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