Zilliqa Replays Transactions Post-Rollback and Posts an Update

Zilliqa Replays Transactions Post-Rollback and Posts an Update

Zilliqa had to roll back its blockchain network to block number 1,394,088. Hence, it had no option but to replay the transactions that were reversed once the rollback occurred. According to the company, there were approximately 4,478 transactions. Among these, the number of transactions based on smart contracts was roughly 1,230. These included staking, token transactions, and ZILSwap. Only 3,248 remained, which consisted of hassle-free ZIL transfers, mostly of mined payouts.

The network could replay the rolled back transactions because the nodes were in possession of the transaction information, for the transactions had already been processed after the upgrade of the Zilliqa network. However, the organization also emphasized on the failure that some of the transactions encountered while the rollback was being executed. Furthermore, it could not minimize the gas expenses that the users encountered. In other words, the customers could not get the same profits or desired results from their transactions in the rolled back state as they did in the unrolled state. 

To explain the complexity of the situation, they cited the example of a ZILSwap trade transaction that might fail owing to slippages in fungibility as the rollbacks have vastly different outcomes and the expiration block for each trade also counts as a significant factor. They have specifically mentioned to the miners of the network that any awards they have received from the procedure will be canceled post rollback. In that case, the miners will be adequately compensated. However, if the mining pool has distributed the rewards among the miners on an individual basis, then it is considered to be a regular ZIL transfer that is replayed successfully after the rollback. 

All the compensation amounts will be paid from the treasury, for the miners and users of ZIL on the chain. For those who had to bear the gas price of unsuccessful transactions, ZIL will pay 5x of the actual amount.

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