Thousands of Merchants to Accept Bitcoin Cash Around the World

The Simple Ledger Protocol is making it easier for people to create tokens over the Bitcoin cash Network. This allows traders from around the world to make crypto transactions more common than ever. As Tokyo based Alliance Cargo Direct’s token ACD starts being accepted by both online and offline Merchants of the world, along with Bitcoin cash, there seems to be a wider market up ahead.

There have been many tokens created over the Simple ledger protocol with different ideas behind them and ACT is one among them. The idea behind ACD it to make it easier to do business in the cryptocurrency and make these transactions more acceptable in the real world, in real businesses. CEO, Roger Ver announced the news over their Youtube channel stating that thousands of merchants would just be the beginning and soon they will be increased to tens of thousands of merchants from around the world and all these merchants and businesses will be accepting both the ACD token and Bitcoin cash.

Alliance Cargo Direct will also buy back the ACD token to increase the liquidity and make the ACD more valuable in the market. They stated that they chose the Bitcoin cash network because it would allow transactions worldwide that are fast, cheap and, reliable. The CEO of the Alliance Direct Cargo, Yasuhiro Sonoda, said so in an announcement.

Real world consequences of this happening

When people will be able to use their crypto assets to buy stuff and do business, they won’t have to keep their crypto assets on the various exchanges too. They can just use one of the many crypto wallets out there and make the payments using these wallets. This would make transactions more convenient and more useful.

As physical, brick-and-mortar businesses to start accepting crypto like Bitcoin cash, the people would see a greater value in the cryptocurrencies than just storing them somewhere like gold. They will understand that crypto is essentially a currency at its core which can be used as one. As many people realize this, they would be joining the crypto community and help create a better economy for these currencies.

As the world moves towards a crypto rich economy, firms like alliance Cargo Direct act as catalysts to create experiences of real-life transactions for all those that still think that cryptocurrencies are just mirage in a dry desert. These people haven’t realized the true potential of a cryptocurrency in putting the power directly in the user’s hands. If you want to trade or invest in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin mainly for profit then you must check various Bitcoin Robots available in the market. They only focus on to make profit from cryptocurrency. Please check Bitcoin Trading Bots Review to know more about it.

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