SymVerse Blockchain Passed TTA Performance Test

SymVerse Blockchain Clears Vital TTA Performance Test

In a positive development for leading blockchain SymVerse, it has successfully cleared the “TTA performance test” carried out as an integral part of the ICT Fund Project of the Ministry of Science.

The test included nine things linked to blockchain security that further consisted of digital signature generation verification, reliability of transactions, and unusual block response and seven things of performance and speed.

It is worth noting that the significant test was carried out with nine nodes of the service specification with the help of a normal CPU. According to information available, the transaction throughput was “3841.69 TPS,” and inquiry request throughput was “8444.45 TPS”.

When compared to the several other services, Bitcoin 7TPS, Ethereum 20TPS, Visa Card 2000TPS, and 3000TPS were reflected. However, TPS is not a complete sign of blockchain performance, but larger than a specific rate of TPS and block processing speed are important to utilize sans any trouble in actual transactions.

SymVerse blockchain has emerged as a leading proprietary blockchain platform that is based on exclusive multi-block blockchain. It strives to enhance the reliability and ease via the support of built-in decentralized identifier (DIDs) and convenient user management system known as Citizen Alliance. It came into existence on June 29, 2018. 

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