Russian court turns down the request for Bitcoin theft

Russian Court: The legal status of virtual currency is nil

An Overview

Russian Court is in the news for a recent individual theft, which occurred over 100 Bitcoin. The victim surrendered to the Russian court for assistance. Unfortunately, the court turned the individual down. The reason behind the court’s turning the individual down is his request for a replacement. The court completely blew away the acquisition claiming that there is no existence and legal status of Bitcoin. Therefore, the argument and surrender of the individual are neither reasonable nor valid.

Russian Court of Law

According to Russia’s law and order, a cryptocurrency is an illegal form of currency that has no base. As a matter of fact, the accusation of Bitcoin theft as considered as a crime. The court claimed that the individual misguided it in its way of judicial system and law. Upon that, the victim kept on arguing that Bitcoin does not share the same power and strength as the property or the assets.

The individual went on claiming and requesting

According to the court proceedings, the individual went demanding the court to pay him back with compensation. Nevertheless, the individual went on claiming that cryptocurrency is a virtual currency and has a different form of comfort that the actual currency. The court turned down all forms of legal requests. Court claimed that it does not like to be distracted over coins, which have no registration under the law of court.


The case occurred in the year 2018. During that, two Federal Security Service imposters kidnapped the individual and threatened him. They constrained him and made him pay around 99.7 BTC, which is equal to five million rubles. These two imposters kidnapped the individual, and they kept him under hostage. However, the court sentenced the two thieves to around ten years of imprisonment.

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