Bitcoin Scam

Personal Data of Thousands of Users Exposed in a Bitcoin Scam

An Overview

The recent news in the world of Bitcoin is creating a sensation. Bitcoin has exposed loads of data on personal accounts. However, this horrible data leakage affected thousands of people by this sudden data breaching. Nevertheless, experts in BTC (Bitcoin) groups reclaiming it to be a phishing swindle. According to them, it is a master plan by various fraud websites. These fake websites targeted the BTC and they created a multi-stage fraud.

Thousands are at stake

The popular intelligence department of Singapore, namely Group-IB, has claimed that this attack has put the lives of thousands of users at stake. Overall, they have breached the privacy of these users on the public platform. Not only that, but these fake sites have also stolen the personal data of the users, and it is a total cyber hacking crime. Most importantly, the fake websites did complete hacking, discretely.

Both developing and developed countries are affected

The attacks upon the individuals are mainly from developed and developing countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, as well as from Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, and many more. These countries have been the most targeted ones. In fact, the intelligence department caught this cybercrime on June 30, 2020.

Privacy breached of various individuals

Privacy is at stake with individuals’ phone numbers, email ids, and even personal information. Nevertheless, this crypto-currency swindle and stealing of information happened by leaking the data from the URLs. These modified URLs are for individuals who have their mail accounts—these private URLs direct people to various websites and social media platforms.

Posing as fake people

The horrendous part of this private information breach was posing as local outlets. These fake websites disguised themselves as local news channels and outlets and commented as local people. These local individuals were oblivion that their names have been used to pass on over-the-top comments.

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