Neptune Digital Assets Partners with Link Global

Neptune Digital Assets Partners with Link Global

Neptune Digital Assets entered into a strategic partnership deal with Link Global to venture into the Bitcoin mining segment. As per the news reports, the announcement stated that the Bitcoin mining process would commence soon, in this month itself. Neptune Digital Assets is a trading and portfolio management company dedicated to cryptocurrencies. In comparison, Link Global is a leading software company catering to the cryptocurrency and blockchain market.

As per the news report, Neptune’s partner will play a crucial role in offering the necessary infrastructure, electricity, and other necessary setup required to fire up to 1,500 Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) computers that will churn out approximately 0.7 Bitcoins every 24 hours.

While Link Global will offer Neptune infrastructure and power solutions, the latter will bring funds to the table, creating a win-win solution for both partners. This partnership will go beyond this by sharing the alliance’s ownership, which intends to develop high-quality solutions and generate higher revenues.

The strategic alliance between the two partners was formed after signing a service agreement on the 1st of this month, stated the media reports. As per this agreement, Link Global will now provide turnkey Bitcoin mining solutions to Neptune Digital.

The media was quick to capture the reaction of business heads of both companies. Cale Moodie, CEO of Neptune Digital Assets, stated that Link Global would provide the necessary infrastructure to support Neptune to create new Bitcoins and manage the digital assets. This strategic collaboration with Link Global will create a new profitable vertical that Neptune will benefit from in the long run.

According to the President and CEO of Link Global, Stephen Jenkins, this alliance will provide highly scalable and secured solutions to Neptune. On the other hand, Neptune will support Link Global by recruiting highly skilled miners and employing them to produce the new Bitcoins. Link global will focus on the infrastructure required for the BTC mining process.

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