Irish Firm Core Bullion Traders To Turn Crypto Into Gold For Users

Irish Firm Core Bullion Traders To Turn Crypto Into Gold For Users

Hailing from Ireland, Core Bullion Traders, a renowned firm for trading gold bullion and coins, is all set to shape the future of cryptocurrencies with its latest collaboration with Coinify. The integrating parties will allow Bitcoin owners to transform their assets into physical gold blocks for easy management and trading across multiple domains. This exciting project will be the first-of-a-kind in the country and is likely to expand crypto proliferation in the region dramatically.

According to the report, the investors holding crypto assets will be allowed to purchase gold against the diverse cluster of cryptocurrencies held by them. The Core Bullion Traders portal will facilitate a secure, transparent, and seamless interface for the users where they will convert their crypto assets into gold, the most valuable metal in the trading field.

Coinify is a Denmark-based firm that specializes in providing trading tools and services for virtual currencies. The new partnership between Coinify and Core Bullion Traders will pave the way for a convenient and hassle-free crypto trading channel that will promote its adoption in a wide range of verticals. There has been a rise in the purchasing of gold during the pandemic in comparison to any other asset. This rise will aid the firm to pull the interest of new customers easily. It will help to aid those investors who failed to liquidate their cryptocurrencies.

Talking about the partnership, Nigel Doolin, the trading chief at Core Bullion Traders, stated that the project would help traders to reduce the risk element associated with cryptocurrencies. The magical element, gold, which is proudly considered a safe haven, will encourage more investors to jump into the field of virtual currencies. They will strive to eliminate the concerns related to the highly dynamic nature of crypto. He added that within a week’s time from the launch, the team had got a client who is investing seven figures worth of crypto assets into gold. He conveyed that the solution will be liked by the young investors who look for the trading of safe clusters.

The spearhead is confident that the firm’s diverse portfolio will help the investors liquidate their assets easily for further investment into safe classes. Even during the pandemic, gold has seen a growth of 25%, which reflects its dominance in the sector. The asset is a hidden surprise, especially during unfavorable market conditions when it manages to fetch good returns for itself.

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