Bitcoin finds adoption in the travel management company of UK

Bitcoin finds adoption in the travel management company of UK

Corporate Traveller, the major travel managing company of the UK has announced on 15th April in a press release that they will be accepting Bitcoin as the payment mode.

Recently the travel management company has moved into a partnership with Bitpay, a worldwide payment provider company. The new arrangement is made to encourage the customer to make payment in Bitcoin for their travel bookings. The customer can pay the travel management company through Bitpay using their Bitcoin, and the payment will enter into the bank account of Corporate traveller within two business days.

The GM of Corporate Traveller has said they have begun to accept Bitcoin on Customers demand. They have chosen Bitpay as the company makes the entire process easy for accepting Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash from the client and then depositing the amount into their account. For the whole process, Bitpay will be charging 1% commission from the travel company.

The travel company is not much concerned about the fluctuating market of Bitcoin as Bitpay will be converting Bitcoin into British Pounds and will be transferring the amount to their account. The commission amount is not bothering the travel company as it is cheaper than processing fees of the credit card.

Bitpay is a growing blockchain based payment provider company and is growing its network all over the world. According to the company spokesman the company has processed payment of $1milion in October 2018 alone. The GM of Corporate Traveller has said they are excited about the partnership. They are also happy to lead the way to accept cryptocurrency in the business travel sector, as Bitcoin has not yet made its way to mainstream payment mode, especially for the travel management companies.

Although the aforementioned company is not an only travel management company to accept crypto payments, German tourist Board has already paved the path of crypto payments since March 2018. They are now accepting payments in various virtual currencies for their services.

Multiple industries are feeling the urge to accept Bitcoin as a reimbursement option. Previously Bitcoin superstore has also announced that they have devised a means for the crypto fans so that they can make payment for the goods of their choice for more than two Lakh online stores including the big names like Amazon and Alibaba.

This will obviously boost up the spirit of crypto holders as they can spend their favourite cryptos for the goods of their choice.

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