Bitcoin Association Appoints Two Asian Ambassadors to Boost Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin Association Appoints Two Asian Ambassadors to Boost Bitcoin SV

The uptake for Southeast Asian digital currency – Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (Bitcoin SV) – continues to grow in the global blockchain space. To cater to this expansion, Bitcoin Association has appointed two new ambassadors based out of Malaysia and Singapore, respectively. The new ambassadors can accelerate the Association is supporting Bitcoin SV as one of the world’s fastest-growing regional cryptocurrency project.

As of July 2020, Bitcoin Association has appointed Masumi Hamahira as the ambassador from Malaysia and Jeff Chen as the ambassador from Singapore.

Masumi Hamahira

Masumi is an experienced financial executive who has built his remarkable career over the span of two decades. He is known to have worked extensively with MUFG – the fifth-largest banking corporation in the world. In 2011, he was appointed as MUFG Bank’s Executive Advisor for the Islamic Banking Window (IBW) in Malaysia. Currently, his expertise lies in blockchain technology applications. Hamahira can apply blockchain tech to financial products and capital markets. His crypto projects have leveraged the power of public blockchain such as Bitcoin SV and meet the specific finance requirements of the country’s Islamic community. As an ambassador of the Bitcoin Association, Hamahira will contribute this expertise and become a key member of the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee.

Jeff Chen

Jeff is the CEO and founder of Maxthon, which is a widely-preferred web browser that has over 600 million active online users across the globe. He has spent decades leading the Internet technology front in Singapore and around the world. In 2019, his Maxthon team released the browser’s version 6, which integrated a fresh slate of blockchain-based Bitcoin SV features. The Maxthon v6 browser currently works in beta mode as Jeff is also in the process of developing a user ID system and a new domain registry Bitcoin SV-based economy. 

About Bitcoin Association

Bitcoin Association is of the world’s largest industrial organization for cryptocurrency marketplace. It works toward improving the business space for emerging blockchain such as Bitcoin SV. The Association is based in Switzerland and runs as a non-profit organization by maintaining an active presence in international charity programs. As of 2020, the Bitcoin Association has around twenty ambassadors, appointed in twenty different countries.

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