Ferrum Network Teams Up With DIA to Fuel DApp Development

Ferrum Network Teams Up With DIA to Fuel DApp Development

Working as a highly-acclaimed open-source oracle platform that allows the sourcing of reliable data feeds for investors, Decentralized Information Asset (DIA) has cracked a strategic deal with Ferrum Network, a powerful Blockchain-as-a-Service DeFi firm. 

The integration will help the Ferrum community to introduce its incubated partners and projects to DIA’s crypto-centric data feed sources. DIA will join the Iron Alliance and help dApp developers. The investors working on Ferrum will now be able to supply, share, and use reliable digital market data through the DIA in a seamless way when taking important decisions. As part of the collaboration, the projects being nurtured under the Ferrum Network will be allowed to infuse the DIA’s transparent and verified data feeds through a simple mechanism. The developers will enjoy a streamlined pathway to curate high-potential dApps. 

Talking about the partnership, the Co-founder and COO of Ferrum Network, Ian Friend, stated that by bringing DIA onboard to the Iron Alliance, the firm is quite positive on growth aspects. The data sources of DIA will aid developers in supporting the projects developed on the Ferrum ecosystem. This will help both parties to expand their clusters. A similar response was given by Michael Weber, Association President at DIA. The spearhead revealed that accurate data feeds will help incubatory projects in accessing verifiable data feeds with ease. 

Oracle platforms have become a deliberate requirement with the recent surge in the popularity of blockchain-centric projects. These portals help users access transparent, reliable, and accurate data points from outside channels across multiple blockchain networks securely. Users get information about recent market trends, price charts, analytics, and other crucial facts about the industry through oracle tools. DIA and Ferrum will work together to create powerful DApps without stressing upon data faults. The DIA portal collects data from multiple sources, filters it, and makes it available to various channels like Polygon, Ethereum, etc. The teams will put in their best efforts to help DApp creators through the unmatched experience of data access and handling.

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