Israeli man arrested for stealing Dash worth 9 million USD

Israeli man arrested for stealing Dash worth 9 million USD

As per the Israeli local media, News1 reports a young man named Afek Zard has got cased filled against him for stealing 74.990.74 Dash whose market valuation is 9 million US dollar from his pal. According to the information presented, the amount of Dash taken is equal to 1% of the total Dash in circulation.

As per news News1, the victim is a novice crypto investor who had started accumulating digital currencies since 2013. The victim had begun to train his pal on how to trade cryptos and then this incident happened. According to the document of accusation, Zard has the key to the victim’s apartment and can access his house when he is not around.

The victim had told the attorney the coins were there in his wallet until 1st of March when the price of Dash was $82.5 for one unit. Victims lawyer has claimed that the accused has accessed the victim’s computer and stole the coins.

Although it is not distinct whether Zard has done all the damage all alone or he had taken help from others, it was found that the stolen coins were sent to four different wallets.

The accused has got the charges of penetration of others computer with unethical intentions, stealing in provoked conditions and money laundering.

Recently it was conveyed by Manhattan district police that they have indicted a group of people of vending drugs and laundering million dollars’ worth Bitcoin. At the beginning of April, a young Danish individual was jailed for four years three months jail for laundering Bitcoin whose market valuation was $450,000 in US Dollar.

With the rise of virtual currency, there has been an increase in the illicit activities surrounding it. As cryptocurrencies are largely decentralized, it has become a heaven for the hackers to steal them. The regulatory authorities from around the globe have to be stricter and more rigorous while making rules for them.

Bitcoin being the most popular cryptocurrency has also become a prime source of crime for evil minds. As per the new research, it is the most widespread cryptocurrency used for ransomed payments. The hackers demand crypto denominated payments from their victims. BTC is accounted for the most significant percentage for such kind of fees as per a report published within the first few months of the current year.

The illegal activities surrounding the virtual currencies are not only harming ordinary people but also is damaging the government agencies and numerous other industries.

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