Founder of Ayre Group

Founder of Ayre Group Invests into Drive Markets; Calvin Ayre and Bitcoin SV Supports Institutional Exchange

The institutional cryptocurrency exchange Drive Markets ($DRV) has revealed about the investment made by Calvin Ayre an entrepreneur and the founder of Ayre Group and CoinGeek. Drive Markets has even mentioned that it will make use of Bitcoin SV (BCHSV), backed by the Ayre group to support its payments solution.

The crypto exchange operator announced the news on Monday. In order to attract investors from the forex market of worth $5 trillion, Drive Markets has collaborated with leading forex firms, it includes First Derivatives and MetaTrader. The collaboration will provide a crypto trading experience similar to forex trading.

Calvin Ayre has been an enthusiast of cryptocurrency and even supported Bitcoin SV via his CoinGeek mining, investment operations and media. He believes that secret investment which is in multiple seven numbers will offer the much-needed enhancement to BSV enterprise transaction volume and usage.

Several years ago, the US government tried to arrest him for the job he had played with his gambling industries.

The US government charges against him were eventually dropped, but Calvin Ayre was imposed with a fined of around $500,000. Arye has made money through online gambling.

Over his investment, Ayre mentioned “I like entrepreneurs who can cut through the noise and focus on technology that works, that’s why I like DRIVE. DRIVE recognizes the original Bitcoin vision, now back in the form of Bitcoin SV, works at a massive scale.”

Drive Markets offer a payment solution named as DRIVE Pay, and it will be integrated with BCHSV and the blockchain that supports it. DRIVE Pay is a multi-protocol, cross settlement, real-time remittance network for digital and fiat currencies.

DRIVE pay will be using BSV blockchain as an anchoring ledger and BSV coins as a barrier to allow liquidity for its payment network.

DRIVE Markets CEO, Kate Hiscox said “At Drive, our roadmap leverages the infrastructure and capabilities of our institutional exchange, and we were looking for the right solution partner that could scale DRIVE Pay to become a global leader in the multi-trillion dollar payment and settlement space.”

The BSV developer team is well skilled with great knowledge and experience and is committed to the development of enterprise which impressed us, said Kate.

Bitcoin SV was launched through Bitcoin in November. Bitcoin SV maintains the stability of Bitcoin protocol and enables to scale massively.

To anchor DRIVE Pay, Bitcoin SV is the best choice and the ideal blockchain as a commodity data ledger.

Bitcoin SV has an expansion plan in order to back the worldwide payment network similar to DRIVE Pay. Two record-setting blocks were noticed by BSV’s blockchain, largest one in the world on a public blockchain.

BSV can manage more than 800 transactions per second with 128MB blocks and even confirms massive on-chain scaling operates on Bitcoin.

In order to process billions of transactions per second, BItcoin SV is working on achieving 1000 MB block and 1 million MB (terabyte) and to become global data ledger for business.

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