Bitcoin Gambling With Faucet

Earn Some Extra Bitcoins And Bonuses With Bitcoin Gambling With Faucet

Bitcoin casinos use Bitcoins. Hence, they offer advantages like faster transactions and quick payouts. They are like other online casinos with a live dealer in some games such as craps and roulette. 

Bitcoin Gambling And Its Features

Bitcoin gambling has become quite famous around the world. Although online gambling is allowed in a few states in the US, the rest of the states rely on offshore gambling i.e. you can gamble on sites, not from the US. Generally, many online gambling sites are operated from places such as Costa Rica.

Today, online gambling involves huge exchanges of money. It is a market involving 4.6 billion. Satoshidice was one of the first Bitcoin betting sites to come up. However, it was not allowed to have gamblers from the US. It prevented such gamblers to gamble, by blocking their IP addresses. 

However, someone who could directly access the Satoshidice’s Bitcoin address was able to play there. Bitcoin casinos are getting popular because they use a provably fair set of algorithms due to which the odds in favor of a game cant be modified by the casino operators.

How Does a Bitcoin Faucet Work?

A Bitcoin faucet provides rewards worth a satoshi. A satoshi is a very small value of a Bitcoin, equal to 10-8 value of a Bitcoin, as per the Bitcoin news. In return, the one who is rewarded has to complete certain tasks including those mentioned on the website of the Bitcoin faucet. Since faucets pay for visitors coming to the website, they generally have huge traffic. In return for this traffic, they have a lot of ads placed on their website and generate income through ad revenue.

You can find a Bitcoin faucet by searching for it through a search engine. You can accumulate some satoshis on a faucet before you try to withdraw them. 

How Does Faucet Gambling Differ From Regular Gambling?

You can win money on Bitcoin gambling in a faucet. You need to roll the dice and the amount can be doubled if you win. The players can play such faucet dice games with free satoshi that they have earned through the faucet. The games of dice roll generate fair results. So, there is no problem with the players.

The set of provably fair algorithms is employed on the server which calculates the seed depending on the roll of the dice. The seed is then transformed into a hash and sent to the player.

The player also gives a seed. Both the server’s seed and the player’s seeds calculate the number on the dice. When the server tells the number, it gets converted into a hash. If it is different from the hash generated by the player’s and server’s seeds, it means the casino or the server altered its seed.

You can get free satoshis when you sign up with a Bitcoin faucet site. Some Bitcoin faucet casinos offer up to 200 free satoshis. Best Bitcoin casino offer a lot of games such as video poker, slots, table games such as craps and roulette, etc. However, the Bitcoin faucet casino only offers to roll of the dice. The Bitcoin casino offers bonus Bitcoins only once on signup. But, as compared to satoshis, they offer full Bitcoins, generally 5. Additionally, they offer free spins also. Some Bitcoin faucet casinos also offer free bits that are equal to 10-6 of a Bitcoin.

How to Set Up a Wallet to Receive Bitcoins?

To create a wallet, you need to download a wallet app from the play store. You then have to register on the website and then establish a good password. Once this has been done, your Bitcoin wallet has been created, you can transfer Bitcoins to it.

You can mention your bitcoin wallet address wherever you need to receive money in Bitcoins. 


It is beneficial to do Bitcoin gambling with satoshis because they are free. Some of the faucets give players 100 of satoshis on sign up. Once the satoshis get over, they have to click on a button and 100 satoshis are again given.

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