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NBA Basketball Team, Sacramento Kings Will Give Rewards in Crypto Tokens

The famous basketball team Sacramento Kings is involved deeply in the world of blockchain and will provide rewards to their fans in crypto tokens. The team has been working with the cryptocurrency payment processor, BitPay, since 2014. In that year, this basketball team was the first team that started accepting BTC (Bitcoin). Now, the team collaborates with Ethereum-based Kaiju toys, CryptoKaiju, to create its crypto-collectibles. 

Sacramento Kings is the first US sports team that is creating a crypto token to give rewards to their fans. In the 2019-2020 season of basketball Game, the company will provide 100 Kaiju collectible toys of a limited edition. Each toy is different from others. Out of these toys, 15 will be rewarded as a prize to VIP tours, courtside tours, signed merchandise, etc.

The CTO of Sacramento Kings, Ryan Montoya, said that they are happy and excited to introduce the limited-edition collectibles and provide them to their fans as the reward. It is a fantastic way to interact with fans, and their partnership with CryptoKaiju will bring high technology to introduce innovative products to the fans.

The blockchain ticketing platform, Blockparty, will be the next partner of the Kings. In the upcoming season, they will be providing blockchain rewards in their gaming application known as Call the Shot. It is free to participate in this reward program, but the rewards are non-transferable. There is no monetary value for these rewards. 

The CEO of Blockparty, Shiv Madan, said that he is excited to work with the fantastic NBA team. With this partnership, they will introduce the latest blockchain technology in the NBA. The team will use its technology to provide rewards to its fans. They are expecting that other teams of the NBA will also follow King’s reward program. 

Many sports teams have entered the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Dallas Mavericks of NBA is also one of the teams who started accepting payment in Bitcoin in August 2019.

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