Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethereum Faucets

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethereum Faucets

What if someone comes to you and tells you that you can earn bits of Ethereum cryptocurrency for FREE! Well, yes there are ways to earn some. But the catch is that it will not make you rich overnight. You earn bits of Ethereum on the Ethereum faucet site by performing certain tasks.

Ethereum faucet is an easy way to earn rewards in GWEI (fraction of ETH) that can be stored in your crypto wallet. But if you are new to the concept of ETH faucet, you have come to the right place. 

What is an Ethereum Faucet?

Since the valuation of Ethereum is higher, many users cannot afford to invest in cryptocurrency. But they do like to earn rewards in bits of Ethereum. Such users can make some ETH on Ethereum faucets that offer online services to help you earn rewards. Once you sign up on faucet sites, you will be asked to complete certain tasks and in return, earn rewards. Why do faucet sites give away rewards, if you ask! 

The site works on more and more engagement of users. They pay rewards to bring more and more users to read their content. There are many such mechanisms available online. But choosing the right platform is key here. 

Advantages of Ethereum Faucets

There are a certain number of advantages associated with Ethereum faucet sites. If you are new to the concept, the following pros will help you make a wiser decision: 

  1. The free Ethereum you earn as rewards can be stored in micro wallets
  2. Users can retrieve their users at any given time on the faucet site as the threshold of limits are back on the site
  3. The process of earning can be sampled just by downloading robots to do your work in automatic mode

Disadvantages of Ethereum Faucets

But hang on! Ethereum faucets are not all gold and silver all the time. There are some cons associated with faucet sites too. We cannot just talk about one side of the coin. Here’s what the other side includes:

  1. The testing and activities occupy too much of your time
  2. The amount you earn is too little sometimes, considering the time you give to the site
  3. Faucet sites are earning more profits than a user

Are Ethereum Faucets Worth It?

They are, only if you play it right! Do not jump to any faucet site just to earn some rewards. Some genuine platforms offer reasonable rewards if you complete tasks on time. There are some others that pay users too less to even consider it. 

So choosing wisely is the solution here. Faucet sites are only worthy of your time and effort when they pay genuine bits of ETH. Otherwise, there is no point wasting hours on solving captcha to earn some penny. Think about it before you register on a faucet site. Always look for the rewards they pay, before you start working on them. 


As you have learned the pros and cons of the Ethereum faucet, the decision now lies with you. Do you wish to earn rewards on the ETH faucet or do you like the idea of crypto gambling more! The decision after all is yours. Many reviews might distract you as they quote ETH faucet to be a scam. 

Well, that might be because of the selection of faucet sites. Choosing the right platform can only promise good rewards. Otherwise, next time it will be you writing negative feedback about the ETH faucet. Cryptocurrency is a demand of time right now, and thus it also prevails many scams and frauds linked to it. 

That is what you have to be careful about and you can earn bits of ETH by doing the simplest tasks in your free time.

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