Earn Crypto by Staking TXT Tokens on TrustDice

Earn Crypto by Staking TXT Tokens on TrustDice

TrustDice announces staking for TXT tokens earned through betting on the platform. Users can claim points by betting on the free games offered in the crypto casino, and the bets come with assured Claim Points with no regard to the result of the game played.

TrustDice is an online casino built exclusively to offer Bitcoin and Ethereum holders gaming options. Users can choose from a suite of crypto-friendly games and wager to win big rewards, going as high as 3 BTC. The platform currently has many titles, including live casino, slots, roulette, and classic games.

The crypto casino has its native coin, TXT, which users can earn through several channels. Popularly, the crypto casino releases a certain amount of TXT tokens every day to reward players for the bets they place on the games. The size of the reward is calculated based on the units known as Claim Points in the casino.

The TXT tokens are built on the EOS blockchain and help you receive 50% of the game earnings from the casino. The revenue will be paid as cryptocurrency dividends when users stake their TXT tokens, and rewards will be offered to token holdings that do not participate in the staking pool.

Your Claim Points from the bets will offer TXT every day at 9.00 UTC. The earnings from the bets can participate in the one-click staking pool every day at 10.00 UTC with really no extra steps involved in the process. The staking rewards will also be credited to your wallet every day at 10:00 UTC. Once the rewards are claimed, the claim points will be reset until the user makes the next bet.

The more tokens you own, the more your rewards will be in the TrustDice TXT staking pool. The casino will offer 50% of the daily revenue from the games to be paid as cryptocurrency dividends. Users can check the potential rewards for the day by accessing the “Stake” tab on the TXT site in the TrustDice casino.

Staking 1 million TXT, which is approximately worth $78 bring a profit of more than $11 annually. Furthermore, the value is likely to increase as the tokens are subject to market changes. The cryptocurrency dividends are offered in Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and the USDT stablecoin. 

Betting and direct purchasing are the best ways to acquire TXT tokens in a short time, as the currency is currently worth less than a cent. TrustDice has allocated 50% of the supply towards the play-to-earn mechanism to reward the wagers. The TXT tokens can also be purchased directly from the Uniswap exchange.

Alternatively, you can earn free TXTs from the TrustDice faucets or play Dice, Crash, or Sports. Users also can receive hefty bonuses when they reach specific levels or complete certain tasks on the site.

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