TurboXBT, a short-term trading platform

Discover a Short-Term Trading Platform with No-KYC or Commission

There are many trading platforms in operation today, most of which have their own fundamental promise to users. Based on this, TurboXBT, a short-term trading platform for synthetic digital assets, promises an instant payout atop a very high Return on Investment (ROI).  

The platform is still developing at a very fast pace, and it has some unique features and propositions that have placed it at the forefront of leading short-term trading platforms currently in existence. 

Before we take a deep dive into these two crucial features, it is worth laying background information about TurboXBT as a digital assets trading platform. The exchange supports a total of 38 trading pairs, and all carved out from 17 synthetic digital assets. Users can enter into short-term trading contracts on the platform, which can span through any of the supported timeframes, including 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes.

The platform works in a very simplified manner, and users can register, place a trade and make their first winning in just about 3 minutes. Here is how it works; User selects the asset pair to trade, for example, the BTC/USD pair. The trade is then performed by pressing either the green UP button to bet on the price rises or the red DOWN button to bet on price falls on an appropriate time period that is available on the chart interface. Trade winnings are determined by whether the traded pair increased (gained) or decreased (lost) in value within the specific time limit/period. 

In addition to these simplified trading features, TurboXBT displays a number of outstanding conditions, including the offering of its users a no-KYC and the no-Commission features, respectively.

A Deep Dive into the No-KYC or No-Commission Policy

TurboXBT operates in a country where digital assets are not comprehensively regulated. This makes it very convenient for the trading platform to develop a flexible policy around eliminating one of the most controversial subjects that users of financial trading platforms always clamour about – Know Your Customer (KYC).

Based on this policy, users who want to open a trading account on TurboXBT do not need to submit any of their personal documents, including biodata, passports, and official ID cards, amongst others. This no-KYC policy helps users gain an additional improved user experience, as they are able to bypass the bogus bureaucracies that are prevalent on other top competing trading platforms.

The absence of no KYC eliminates the risk associated with data theft. With no private and sensitive data stored on the exchange’s servers, users are not targeted for identity theft, making TurboXBT one of the least exchanges susceptible to data breaches.

TurboXBT also charges no commission on its user’s deposits, winnings, or withdrawals, a very bold detour from the core revenue model of most competing platforms. The ideology is simple, and it is to grant all of the platform users with all the resources they need to print the most returns (profit) from the platform.

With No KYC, How Secure is TurboXBT?

The entire era of financial technology innovation is growing to a point where deviation from the norm will become the order of the day. Despite the fact that TurboXBT supports no KYC, its platform still remains one of the most secure trading venues out there. 

As a rule, TurboXBT adheres to strict Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance provisions from the Travel Rule, and as such, restricts users from a number of unsupported jurisdictions, including North Korea, Iran, and Syria, amongst others.

This already offers a high level of protection for all TurboXBT users. This protection is further complemented by the integration of bank-grade security features for the protection of users’ funds. TurboXBT is also a very stable platform, and users are protected from undue outages or fluctuations that often bedevils most trading platforms.

The confluence of these outstanding operating conditions has positioned the TurboXBT exchange as a delight of various users, which is evident in the feedback gotten thus far.

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