WINkLink Heading to Support Line, but May Uplift in Long-Run!

WINkLink Heading to Support Line, but May Uplift in Long-Run!

WINkLink has ascended from its lows from the end of July and reached its peak during the last mid-November. In the period of three months, the price of the WIN coin has reduced back to its support zone and has been highly profitable for the bears with significant returns.

During the past six months, the coin has been above the support zone even after falling from its peak. The first week of February, the crypto began to uplift from the support zone after a constant price fall. There is a lower low formation with the price trailing in a downtrend pattern.

WINkLink Price Chart

On the daily chart, the MACD line is above the signal line but is about to intersect with each other. The RSI indicator at 40 is currently neutral.

The volume candles are more favorable towards the bears, and a decline in the coin can be expected until the price reaches $0.00026. Check out this WIN coin price prediction to know the future of WINkLink. The price is moving below the downtrend line extending from last December 24 and hasn’t closed above it.

The previous week’s candle shows a tremendous downfall on the weekly chart, and the technical parameters are still in the bearish zone. In the current scenario, the coin is heading to its vital point from where the price may either lead to higher highs or lower lows.

Investors should wait for the forming candles and study the further price action before investing as the coin may turn around from its support zone in any direction.

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