Revuto: Cardano-Based Token Lists on Kucoin and

Revuto: Cardano-Based Token Lists on Kucoin and

Revuto is easily one of the early projects on the Cardano chain that became successful in a short time. The founder of the Revuto token informed the followers that the coin would be listed on Tier1 exchanges like KuCoin and on the 7th of January. Just under an hour after this announcement, the coin accumulated over 10 million dollars in presale orders.

Revuto is an innovative start-up project on the Cardano chain that understands the practical issues of our day-to-day payments and brings viable solutions. The project primarily focuses on online subscriptions and how those processes can be a headache for the users. Revuto is a subscription management project that expects to redefine the way online subscriptions work. The idea is to save the time and energy of its customers. Every operation is made simple and kept just a click away, saving one from putting all the personal details time and again.

The private users with more expenses going into annual subscriptions, like Amazon and Netflix, are the principal customer base of Revuto. The complicated outlook SaaS and subscription services would be simplified in the dApp of Revuto, currently available on both Apple Store and Play Store. Moreover, this project has created one of the first non-custodial wallets on the Cardano chain with support from ADALITE.

Due to its earnestness, this start-up project has been named as the rapidly growing crypto-based project at the World Blockchain Summit organized in Dubai in 2021. The tie-up of Revuto with ChainLink is expected to get feeds about currency pairs from the forex market to connect smart contracts with the market price in an effective way. More potential collaborations with other platforms, like ChainLink, would help the project better articulate its intentions in the years to come.

Revuto has plans for a new virtual debit card to give the users better control over their money. The microloan feature from Revuto is also expected to drop in 2022. The R-fund initiative allocates a significant sum for funding future Cardano projects and start-ups. Revuto would stay with the new companies throughout the gestation period, assisting with promotions, launchpads, communities, and more.

The things listed above are only a fraction of the plans of this jubilant start-up. These plans surely add up to the value of Cardano in the market. According to the Cardano prediction from Wallet Investor, the coin could see a growth of up to 700% in 5 years. However, with more innovative projects like Revuto, it may become higher than the predicted value.

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