Learn How to Play Bitcoin Keno

Learn How to Play Bitcoin Keno

What Is Bitcoin Keno?

Bitcoin keno is a popular game on most crypto betting platforms. A major reason behind its popularity is its simple rules and winning possibilities. The game works similarly to bingo and lottery, where it depends on players’ numbers.

However, keno originated way back in the 19th century, travelling from China to across the globe. Players can start with keno by understanding basic elements like keno cards, best picks, and the paytable.

A keno card looks similar to a lottery slip with numbers listed from 1 to 80. Players merely need to pay close attention to the paytable to payout their matches.

Why Play Keno With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin keno differentiates from other luck-based games on multiple fronts. For starters, the crypto game is highly secure and does not require players to input their private information. In addition, users can find casinos that offer a provably fair gaming mechanism for BTC keno.

Since the game runs on crypto, the transactions will be instant, as there will be no meddling of central authorities or middlemen. Users can even enjoy cross-border transactions with Bitcoin keno. In addition, playing keno with BTC opens the opportunity of winning big prizes due to its higher limits. 

How to Play Bitcoin Keno?

Besides the basic rules of the game, here are three primary steps to start playing Bitcoin keno:

Set the Wagering Terms

Before starting the game, players need to place Bitcoin bets. Players can increase or decrease their coin size as the game moves forward. However, they must ensure that the size does not breach the minimum or maximum bet amount.

Users with a high-risk high-reward gameplay usually place maximum bets, as it offers the chance to win big. On the other hand, players with a limited bankroll opt for a lower bet.

Mark the Spots

After placing the wagers, it is time to select the spots. Generally, a Bitcoin keno board boasts 80 numbers, where users can mark 15 or 20 spots at max. It depends on the players to pick the allowable spots, which can be done by clicking on a preferred number.

Wait for the Draw Results

Once everything is set, users merely need to tap the Play button to initiate the draw. In most cases, the draw will shoot more numbers than allowable spots, offering players more winning chances. Hitting any of the drawn numbers means the customer gets paid accordingly.

Tips for Playing Bitcoin Keno

  • Don’t stress over the numbers, as the game will draw them randomly. It means there is no winning pattern to be analysed. Players merely need to pick spots spontaneously.
  • Opting for the quick pick feature allows users to avoid the hassle of picking every individual spot. It also bodes well with the theme of choosing spots randomly.
  • Choosing numbers from both halves of the board is also a viable strategy. While this is not backed by any scientific claim, it is a strategy as profitable as any other.
  • Finding a reliable crypto casino with high payout rates is also a natural strategy. Users can also look for a casino that offers bonus rates, increasing their winning chances.

Bitcoin Keno Strategy: How Many Spots Should Players Pick?

Since players can pick as many spots as they like without affecting their bet, choosing the maximum spots appears to be the best strategy. However, users should note that picking more spots lowers their winning odds.

For example, in a 20-spot game the odds of landing 1 and 3 are approximately 1:86 and 1:20. Such odds are leagues away from scoring 20 spots, which offers 1.5 quintillions odd. 

It means that customers should consider betting on limited spots, which can be 2 to 8, as they offer the best winning chance.

In Conclusion

Bitcoin keno is a simple luck-based crypto gambling game, popular in most casinos. While the game is heavily luck-based, players can still maximise their winning chances using simple tricks. 

Based on their spots and casino pick, the winning amount can be vastly huge. Thus, choosing a provably fair casino with high payout rates is the best strategy to win big at Bitcoin keno.

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