Ethereum Founder Ask Twitter About Crypto they Prefer to Overtake ETH

Ethereum Founder Ask Twitter About Crypto they Prefer to Overtake ETH

Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum founder, recently went on Twitter to ask a fierce question – which crypto do people prefer to overtake ETH. The question had two parts, and the former asked whether 80% of all savings and transactions in 2035 would be in one currency.

This led to the second part, which asked if the currency is not Ether, what other crypto do the users prefer. The options included names like Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Tron, Solana, Cardano, etc. 

The first poll ended after 24 hours, amassing a whopping 600,697 votes, while the second ended with 358,743 votes. ADA or Cardano topped the first one with 42% votes, closely followed by Bitcoin with 38.4% votes.

On the other hand, the second poll ended with TRON winning with a whopping 51.3% votes. Accordion to these Tron predictions, TRON is a very promising cryptocurrency when it comes to its future price.

The polls were not randomly set up, as expected by the Ethereum founder. The first poll packed the cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalization. At the time, BTC amassed over 821 billion dollars while Solana sat at the fifth spot with 47 billion dollars. Thus, it came as a bit surprising to see Cardano, the seventh place holder with 42 billion dollars to be the crowd favorite.

The second poll included a major player in the form of Binance Coin, the third-biggest crypto in the market with 83 billion dollars. That is why Tron, with a 7 billion dollars market cap rolling the crypto with over 2x votes, surprised many.

While numerous found the polls amusing, many asked Vitalik the purpose behind such polls. Many even proposed currencies like Polkadot, Doge, Shiba, and XRP to be included in the list. People were quick to point out that the results clearly favored the currencies popular among Vitalik’s followers.

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