CryptoWire Launches Crypto IC15 to Track Global Crypto Markets

CryptoWire Launches Crypto IC15 to Track Global Crypto Markets

Indian crypto-blockchain ecosystem CryptoWire has announced the country’s first crypto tracking platform called IC15. In an official tweet on Monday, January 03, 2021, CryptoWire tweeted that the crypto enthusiasts from India will track the performance of the top 15 cryptocurrencies in the global markets. IC15 (Index of Crypto) will track top cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Shiba Inu, and more. 

The launch has created a buzz in the financial circles, with many mainstream media platforms covering it. Speaking to the media, Jiggish Sonagara stated that the CryptoWire team researched about 400 cryptocurrencies actively traded in the market. He said the research committee scrutinized these tokens on various parameters like liquidity and available supply, based on which they decided that 15 is the correct number to track. “Any high number would probably have lots of fluctuations happening quarter-on-quarter basis with the index values,” Jiggish added. 

IC15 is a rule-based broad market index by market cap, which tracks and measures top liquid crypto assets listed on premier global crypto exchanges. The index is expected to cover about 80% of the market movement, making it an essential tool for investors and traders and promoting transparency in general. Commenting on the launch of IC15, Jiggish also mentioned that the platform intends to complete the knowledge circle in the entire crypto space through the tracking index. The index will help, he said, to push CryptoWire’s ‘learn before earn’ initiative and act as a powerful intervention in the industry.

What is CryptoWire?

CryptoWire is a blockchain platform for comprehensive crypto solutions. The platform houses an e-learning platform, Crypto University, the world’s first of its kind. Crypto University offers digital courses in collaboration with premium institutions like MIT, Basel, IIT, etc. Likewise, there’s Crypto TV, the world’s first dedicated 24/7 YouTube channel and IPTV smart mobile channel. CryptoWire itself claims to be the world’s first smart online wire service provider, with dedicated services for crypto-asset digitization, updates, and developments. The platform also analyses top crypto exchanges, crypto markets, swap markets, covering 99% of total liquidity in the industry. 

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