CryptoArt.Ai Partners with Decentraland as a Part of 2022 Hyperspace Illusion

CryptoArt.Ai Partners with Decentraland as a Part of 2022 Hyperspace Illusion

The meta-universe, which is an emergent paradigm in hyperspace, is progressively gaining traction. The breakout of NFT, as a portal to the meta-universe, allows individuals to go beyond the edge of art and the idea that “real feeling” is growing.

The veil of history is drawn back by technology. Similar to the cosmic wormhole, the latest VR and Blockchain technologies extended the value of Metaverse to the actual world, shattering the barrier between reality and virtuality. In the virtual world, a new notion of self-consciousness is being developed.

Real-Time-Triggering the Overall Future

Art, according to Nietzsche, is “the elevation and stimulation featuring feeling of life.” Art follows its own strength at the start of creation, widening the inner universe, whether it’s surrealism, modern art, or NFT. What can be seen is a breakthrough in response to the times.

Crypto art, with the advent of Blockchain technology, disrupts the long-standing phenomena of art hegemony and empowers artists. The NFT “Live-Contact|Real-Time — Trigger Future” is going live in the Decentraland- Metaverse Platform, with super dazzling virtual configuration and virtual scene reproduction.

Getting Access to Metaverse Junction

Decentraland, a 3D virtual world and an ETH-based decentralized virtual reality platform allowing users to get complete control on content environments and applications they build, which may vary from static 3D scenes to interactive apps and games. Users are able to create virtual worlds, enjoy playing games, visit the NFT art gallery, see live performances, and participate in other social activities.

Decentraland Price Prediction

In December 2017, the overall market price of Decentraland Cryptocurrency was about $0.024. Later, it soared and cleared the $0.24 barrier but was met with resistance, and it fell back to prior support levels. The Decentraland price did not show any significant fluctuations and remained in the same coin price range till the beginning of this year.

When compared with other high price digital assets, the price of Decentraland has had a historic journey, and this might be the key reason for its appeal. The current value of Decentraland Cryptocurrency is $3.14, with a market capitalization of $5,689,383,826.63 after 24 hours.In 2022, the overall price prediction for Decentraland is about $5.1, and by December, it will reach $5.8. You can know more here about the price predictions.

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